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I am a pre nursing student and very excited to start nursing...soon!

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  1. msnursecp

    First Semester of Nursing School!!

    @lorirn2b The program I'm in, requires you to have at least a 75 to pass! A 75 in my program is consider a C! But I feel for you...LOL! @malenurse69 If you are lucky enough to get an "A" in the nursing program then that's good for you but I'm saying ALOT of students comes into the program as straight A students but feel down on themselves because they can't maintain an A! The program can stress you out to the point where all you want to do is pass! A nursing student with an A doesn't mean they are better than those making a C!
  2. msnursecp

    First Semester of Nursing School!!

    @martina238612 Don't be fearful! You will gain alot out of the nursing program. Your first semester will be over whelming and you will feel like you are lost.....LOL...but trust me that you won't be the only one. I learn best by writing everything down. I like for things to be organize into charts and tables, but I know alot of my classmates are auditory learners and will record each lecture. I would say to look online for learning style quizzes to determine how you learn the best! Good Luck!! bluesky94 I would say for now to continue to do well in your pre-reqs and enjoy all the free time you have for now!
  3. msnursecp

    First Semester of Nursing School!!

    Good Luck to those going into the program!
  4. I am almost finish with my first semester of nursing school. I just did a post talking about it! What do you learn exactly? You learn everything from human growth, nursing process, nutrition, elimination, asepsis, oxygenation, heat and cold, neuronal, mobility and fluid and electrolytes....I know its a lot but that's only half of it...LOL Is it like some of the current pre-regs? No...it completely different! How is the test style? They don't ask you knowledge base questions. Most of the questions are about "what nursing action is most important/ first priority" which basically means all of the answers are right but which one is the most right, if that make any sense....LOL! You will find yourself double guessing yourself on testes! What is clinical? It's when you go the hospital ( the program choose for you, which mean you may have to do some traveling, because the hospital I did my clinical at was an hour away from where I stay and I had to be there at 7 in the morning!) But you will enjoy clinical. At first it will be scary but you will get use to it. Clinicals are not for everyone because you will SMELL all kinds of smells and see all kinds of things.....I'm just going to say that! I remember one girl in my class drop out the day after her first clinical. It's good that you are excited but remember that nursing school will test to see if this is what you are really cut out to do! Good Luck and Happy Holidays!
  5. Whew!! I haven't been on here in a long while but rightfully so because nursing school is no joke. I know many other people are expressing their feelings about their first semester of nursing school and so I thought I will share my experience. I have one more week left. I take my final on Tuesday! (Wish me luck!!!) I knew nursing school was going to be hard because like many others, I came to this website for guidance and what to expect! All the stories you are reading are TRUE....LOL! A couple of things I want to hit on: 1. As many people stated, being a A student doesn't mean a thing. I was a straight A student throughout elementary, middle, high school and college. But in nursing school, you will find yourself "settling" for a 75 on all tests. 2. No matter how much you study, you will still be a little under prepared for those tests 3. You will find yourself crying A LOT, so stack up of tissue! 4. By the end of the semester or even mid way down the semester, MANY people would have drop out but you will survive..... hopefully :) 5. Mentally prepare yourself for clinicals because its not for everybody, one of the students in my class drop the day after her first clinical. Speaking of clinicals, you might as well get use to care plans, you'll find out about those when you get in nursing school. 6. Say goodbye to your family, friends and weekends. 7. You will make alot of friends in the nursing program. They will become like family. You will car pool, study, share and many other things with these people. 8. Never give up and most importantly make sure that you are doing nursing for the right reason because trust me you will be tested on whether you really want this or not!! Whew!! Got that off my chest! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ON THEIR FINALS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!- Chiquitap
  6. msnursecp

    Clinical and nursing shoes

    @carakristin1 Thanks so much!! What program are you in? I am going into the ADN and was wondering is we going to have clinicals all 4 semesters??
  7. msnursecp

    Clinical and nursing shoes

    I had my orientation for nursing school back in May. We had a choice to purchase our uniform and shoes. I brought my uniform from the company that was there but the shoes was a bit expensive. So my question is where can I buy some leather white shoes?? I found this website called scrubshopper.com but I likes to try my shoes on!!! I also have a question about clinicals. Do we pick the place we want to go or do the school choice for us. Is it like a job where you could have night clinicals? Do you have clinicals through out the whole 2 years? I know these are alot of question! What can I expect because I am confused about the whole clinical process?? Thanks
  8. msnursecp

    Summer speech

    LOL...I feel where you are coming from. I HATE talking in front of a class. At least your class is only a month. I took mines for a semester (5 months). He broke it down to where we had to do a total of 4 speeches. We had to dress professionally for each speech. The last speech was when he put us into groups and we had to debate each other. Good Luck and once you start hopefully the nerves will leave. Oh, also at my school they offer public speaking online! You should look into that
  9. msnursecp

    First Test

    What program are you in? I am going into the ADN program in August. I am great student but everyone keeping stressing the "new way of learning". Did you had to change the way you study? Reading this put my nerves to rest because I don't want to fail.
  10. msnursecp


    OMG....I wish our uniform was black...are you kidding me!! We are stuck with white!! You so lucky...lol
  11. msnursecp

    A&P 2 in a 4 week summer course? HELP

    Wow. I took A&P 2 last semester and got a B!! I could never imagine completing that course work in 4 weeks. Just like shannonberry11 said, its not about memorization but comprehensions. I wrote down EVERYTHING and studied day and night! Good Luck :)
  12. msnursecp

    Do I have a Chance?

    I think you will! None of us can really tell you yes or no! I remember, I was feeling just like you and came on here and wrote a post explaining my experience and wanted to know if I had a chance of getting into nursing school. Everyone commented and told me that I wouldn't but surprise, surprise...I got accepted into both the RN and LPN program. So don't lose faith, you got this!:)
  13. msnursecp

    I want to become an RN. Where do I start?

    Yes I would recommend taking your pre-reqs at a community college. You should also go talk to a advisor at your school. They will let you know what particular pre-req you have to take. Also I know alot of single mothers who decided to take the CNA route first!
  14. msnursecp


    So tomorrow I have to go and get my fingerprint done at my school for the background check. I also have to go to the doctor and get my last test done for my health assessment, the TB skin test. My blood work and urine all came back clean...Yay!! LOL. Later in July, we have a boot camp and cpr & first aid class that we are required to attend. Any who, the reason I wrote this post is because as the title states I am really nervous about beginning nursing school. I have some people say that its not that bad but it is time consuming but others say that it's the hardest thing they have ever done. With such a broad perspective, it's hard to determine how I will do. I have always did well in school but I just don't want to go into nursing school and flunk out because as all of us have, we work very hard to get here. I am reading the book "You are smarter than you think", because it is required and I'm hoping its helpful! Well, that's my nervous rant!! I'm I alone with my feelings or do anyone have any personal success stories to share!?!
  15. msnursecp

    Question about the Science courses

    It took me 4 semesters or 2 years to complete my pre-reqs. I was just accepted into the Fall ADN program! But why don't you try starting off as a CNA first and than work your way up.
  16. I transferred from a university to a community college (uhh long story...LOL). But the community college did not accepted ALL of my classes. Thankfully I didn't had to take those classes over because they were simple classes. Even though I was mad because I had A's in those classes and it help my gpa alot!!! But if the classes you took have a different course number than the one they have, than they won't take it. Also where do you stay, because where I'm from the community colleges aren't competitive!!