Drug testing in Nursing Programs? (Anoka Ramsey CC)


Hi all,

I got accepted into the nursing program at Anoka-Ramsey Community college and I smoke marijuana. I am curious to see if they drug test before clinicals or even before the program starts. If they do drug test, I want to stop smoking right away so that I don't get kicked out.

Thanks all

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Better to just stop smoking now. You never know when something might happen and you're getting a random test.

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Even if they don't drug test- it's in your (and the public's) best interest that you stop using right now.


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Most nursing schools drug test you before the first semester starts. Smoking is not worth not getting into the program or getting kicked out.


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A kid in my class originally passed the initial drug screen, then got kicked out a semester later because she wasn't expecting a random screen. I'll be blunt--we all thought she was an idiot--so much time, money, energy, and studying wasted.


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DRINK a LOT of water, starting RIGHT NOW. I dont know in how long your drug test is, but you can easily get all the weed out of your system in 2 weeks or less, if you just drink a lot of water. Trust me. Thank God my program doesnt drug test.

My school does, and so do certain clinical sites.

My recommendation is that you stop. This is your future.


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My school tests, though I'm not sure if it's during the physical prior to class start or shortly before clinical starts. The explanation is the school doesn't care, but if the HR policy of the clinical site requires a drug screen then a drug screen it will be.


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Mine did it as part of the background test. It can stay in your system up to 30 days. Can they random test? I imagine every program is different. However, your employer certainly can, and you can bet your sweet bippy they check for THC.


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I always thought it was weird that mine didn't ever drug test us... Better to be safe than sorry anyway!


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They will definitely drug test you

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Very bizarre that someone mentioned a school did a random drug test. Normally they only do those types of things if something warrants it (suspicion). Most schools require drug testing before the first semester.