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I did it! I passed my final prereq which was College Algebra. It was my first class online and it was a subject that I am not very strong in. I struggled big time with it, but my end goal was just to pass the class and get it done. I am so happy it is over and done with. My acceptance to nursing school was based on me passing and I did. Nursing school starts August 25th and I am super excited!!


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Congrats and good luck in NS! I'm in the same boat this semester with four prereqs to finish by a January start date. Hearing this has given me hope!


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Gratz jlpn,

Im also a fresh Nursing student, starting late Aug. Next two years are gonna fly by... I hope. :)

akulahawkRN, ADN, RN, EMT-P

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:anpom: Congratulations!!! You're in for a most interesting ride.

Congrats! Good Luck in the nursing program!


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Congrats and enjoy nursing.

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Yay!! You'll be great in nursing school! :)

Yaayyy congrats and keep us updated..you got this

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Contests! Now the fun begins :)

Good luck in nursing school :D