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  1. Ancher

    Is 51 yrs old too old to start LVN school?

    IMO, you have a very long time ahead of you on this earth and many of those years you will be working. If you think nursing is where you need to be, do it! Srs, its only 1 year after prereq's.... What do you have to lose?
  2. Hello, I recently finished my ADN and I have several paths ahead of me. The issue, I'm having trouble weighing the pros and cons. Hopefully one of you with experience may chime in. To begin, I plan on continuing my education. I would like to earn a BSN, then progress to an MSN in leadership followed by certification with FNP. Where I'm having a complication is where to work. Currently, I work as a PDN. I get paid very little in comparison to what I would be earning at a hospital. But, I have a great deal of down time in which I can study while having the opportunity of overtime. My greatest fear is that I may become unmarketable in an acute setting after working so long in the PDN field. On the other hand, Working 3 12's at a hospital, I will make a bit more money, maintain more of my nursing skills and possibly have a greater opportunity to obtain FNP clinical sites when that time comes. But I will not have as much study time. To note Education is online I am the main source of income in a family of 4 Thoughts? Thanks in advance
  3. Ancher

    Am I too old????

    Just hit 35 and I graduate in 22 days. I started the program back when I was 32. I don't regret my decisions... yet, lol
  4. Ancher

    Fundamentals Passed

    Made an A! Congrats! That really is quite an accomplishment. Keep up the good work and dont give up!
  5. Ancher

    Pharm Class

    A great place to start with Pharm is memorizing the suffixes. Heres a couple my school made us memorize. After you have that down, start relating common effects(ie side effects) to those medications. Remember that even though they are "side effects" they are still an effect, albeit not its desired intention. Biggest of all, take hundreds of practice question.. After you take those questions.. take them again. Categorize_to_organize_-_pharm.docx Hints-for-Remembering-Medication-Classifications.pdf
  6. I'm in a similar position. It is a pud class (Interpersonal communication), but I will not be allowed to graduate and/or take my boards until its completed.
  7. Ancher

    Which NCLEX study guide?

    Hi everyone, My question is concerning the Saunders NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN study material. With my nursing program, I will first take my LPN boards, then a year later, complete my RN boards. Would you all recommend buying both books, or is the NCLEX-RN enough for both exams?
  8. Ancher

    Do they teach CPR in nursing school?

    I think the certification of a CPR license is only 2 years. Funny thing,My schools nursing program has the American heart association CPR as a pre-req for clinicals, but they don't even offer it. I have to go elsewhere to get certified.