Does LPN experience count?

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Hello everyone in Allnurses land. I've been visiting this site for awhile now but this is my first post.

Anyway, I (hopefully) will be starting a LPN-RN program in the spring. My question is, will my experience as a LPN count to an employer or will I still be considered a new grad as far as compensation goes? And...Will I have any edge over a new grad RN for getting a job in this market?



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I'm also an LPN, and finished my LPN in Dec of 08, then right into a regular RN program in Jan. Most people I've talked to about this subject tell me that I won't get the compensation for years experience, but will be more likely to get a job than a new grad RN without the nursing experience.


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Depends on the policies of the individual employer. My latest employer informed me that when I get an RN license that I will not be able to work for them in an RN capacity until I have obtained one year RN experience elsewhere. In contrast, one of my former employers said there would be a pay raise. So it really depends on the employer.

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All experiences count, however as some stated earlier it depends on your employer.

Best of luck!


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I worked at the same hospital during my LPN years and after I got my RN. They bumped me up on compensation because I was making more as an LPN than I would make as a new RN. If the rate had been the same they wouldn't have done the upgrade.

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I graduated from my LPN to RN program last month and just got my license as an RN today. So far, I've been having a miserable time trying to find a new position, I've had one interview that went fairly well, but they want someone with experience (I really don't blame them in this case, they have a VERY small staff and already have some fairly new folks) that is more relevant. If my LPN experience were in a hospital or even SNF I'd probably have an easier time.

Some places will give you some credit for pay, others won't based on what I've heard from colleagues. I imagine that right now places will try to offer the bare minimum they think you'll consider. I believe being experienced as an LPN will be an advantage in getting a job, as you do have some relevant experience that will make you more prepared than many other new RNs. You also will likely be better prepared for interviews, and will have some relevant entries on your resume.

Good luck.:up:


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Mine did. I worked as a LPN for 16 months and got a new grad position making $2 more that the average new grad with no experience.


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The new job I'm starting next week is counting my LPN time towards my pay which is AWESOME. I was a LPN for 6 years before getting my RN. The facility I was working at up until now was going to start me as a new grad RN. I would have been making less than I was making as a LPN.

I was willing to relocate and believe I have found the job of my dreams.


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I know cna, lpn, and rn are three different jobs. I've worked as a cna for 11 years at a nursing home. Now I am a (well hopefully, still waiting for test results) lpn and I was told by the DON that that it would not count. She said that a cna is a cna and a lpn is a lpn. My 11 years there at the facilty would not count nor my experience as a cna. I would be starting all over. Somehow I feel that is not right?

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