Does this article make you groan?

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Nope. Actually, it makes me want to find both the author of the article and the nurse s/he's writing about and bludgeon them both to death with a heavy instrument.

How nice that there are $30K grants available to show nurses how to eat sh*t, smile and ask for more. 'Cause we don't do that enough already. Grrrr. :(


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Didn't Bobby McFerrin try this technique in the 80's..."Don't worry, be happy..."

That article makes me glad I don't have a gun, because I would have shot my laptop.

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I get why they did that but it is a little late for that. Is that someones ploy to twist the tide away from the issues at hand?



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Well there is the perfect case of administration taking the shortage of working nurses VERY seriously. Just goes to show how little they really think of us......but I am not surprised. How can ANYone be?

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Almost as much as an article I read that stated the "cure" for the nursing shortage would be to require the Doctorate degree as the minimum entry education for nurses!!


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They should have taken the grant money and used it to RETAIN nurses by making the environment better and safer for them.

Right up there with the money used to study cow farts IMHO--a waste!


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When I was a bank teller we had a similar training "seminar". To me it was bogus BS. Basically, the main focus was "you don't work for money to feel good about your job - personal satisfaction is the key..." LOLOL! Right...I don't know many folks who would work for free - $$ is the driving force behind having to work. Sure, we can derive satisfaction from our work - and we should so that our time spent at work isn't completely dismal. BUT, this seems like the same kind of crap to me.


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I really really hate these stupid "fluff" stories


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did anyone read the comments at the end of the article? :)

did any of you write those comments? Just curious... i felt they said all that needed to be said.

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I wrote one.

"Can you say spin doctor" ?

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