Do you regret becoming a Nurse?? Why?

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Just out of curiosity.


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No, Nursing is still my passion. It's the regulatory administrative garbage we have to put up with that makes me wish I could retire!


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Sometimes I do. I think I got into it for the wrong reasons- job security, mobility, "excitement".. I worked as a cna for 5 years during pre-reqs and nursing school, too, so it's not as if I went into the profession completely ignorant of the nature of the work. However, I guess you really never know until you do it. I wish I had continued on with my psychology education (had a previous degree in that before starting nursing), something that I felt very passionate about (lost my motivation and confidence after my mom died- long story). I just never have felt like I was born to be a nurse. I do it now because I have bills to pay. It's different for everyone, though, and nursing IS great in that there are so many options you can can take, professionally. I'm planning my escape from bedside nursing as I write this.


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it sometimes looks green on the other side not until you get there to find out the real color.


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IF a nurse will tell you that NEVER she will lie to you. Will be happen when you will burn out, you will regret that you choose nursing... ...... is like in marriage, "what was in my mind to go to marry him" lol... but after ....... when you will be again in balance with your self you will see that is not so bad... or who knows, lol...

No one could give you an advice on it... but YES in your nursing carrier will be AT LEST one time when you will regret, so don't worry, is just a temporary regret...will pass!

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Yes, because hospital nursing was not a good fit. I hate gore and don't want to work weekends and holidays since my husband doesn't, and illness and tragedy are depressing, and the responsibility is so heavy.

No, because over 15 years of nursing I have had great jobs that didn't require me to be in the hospital.

I am totally in awe of the nurses that do hospital nursing.

I LOVED the action as an ICU unit secretary in the old days before I became a nurse. I loved all the running and excitement and even didn't mind helping the nurses clean up patients and stuff. I would do that again in a second if they would pay me enough, but all that responsibility on MY shoulders? no thanks!


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Not as of yet. I've only been a nurse for a few months, but I've loved every minute and can't imagine doing anything else. Of course, I went straight in to hospice so I never had to deal with the hospital headache.


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Yes, because hospital nursing was not a good fit. I hate gore and don't want to work weekends and holidays since my husband doesn't, and illness and tragedy are depressing, and the responsibility is so heavy.

Crunch RN-

This is exactly how I feel about bedside nursing nowadays. So in what area do you work now? It sounds like you got out of the hospital environment?

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Liked it for the first few years, then hated it. I enjoy it again now that I went back to school so I could be a school nurse. Sometimes you need to move around. I admire those folks who can do med surg forever.


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When I go through days like I had yesterday (see thread titled HELP!) I sometimes have to wonder.

It's not the work that I find the problem. I love my job, it's interesting and I learn so much everyday. Take away all the BS and it's a great way to earn a living.

It's the fact that nursing is a profession that traditionally has been seen as subordinate, and although this attitude is considering as old fashioned and incorrect, I have found that this mindset is still prevelant-even with young doctors.

I just have to keep being proactive in standing up for nursing, not tolerating abuse and promoting nursing as highly educated professionals.


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have you ever thought about psychiatric nursing? i'm sure there are facilities where you can do counseling or something else that works in your psychology passion along w/ working as a nurse.


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No, it is the only thing I wanted to be. After being a nurse for awhile my only regret is how long it took me to go to school for it. I believe it is my calling.

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