Do people tell you all about their medical problems because you're going to be an RN?

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So, of course I am exciting I am finally entering nursing school, but it seems like every time I turn around, people are telling me all about their kidney stones, dangler strings, blood loss, labor & delivery stories, and most recently, their anal really, i am not actually a nurse, and even if I was, I am not YOUR nurse!

Some of these people I barely even know, we are mere acquaintances through our children.

I was just wondering if anyone has this happening to them, and some of the outrageous things people have told you (of course not revealing personal info or names or anything)

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I usually avoid telling people I'm a nurse because I do not want to be bothered with their health complaints or questions during my days off work. I'm an LPN/LVN who will graduate from an RN program in a few months...

People suddenly become needy and intrusive when they find out that you're a nurse or nursing student. These people need to go to their own healthcare providers.


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oh i have so had this even in my own family; I start nursing school in August i'm like can I at least make it though one semester before you expect me to know this stuff and their reply is normally well your going to be a nurse!


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Oh yeah. It's become such a joke in my class our SNA T-shirts last semester said "I'm an NAU nursing student...and yes, that does look infected to me" :chuckle


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My first date w/ this guy I liked told me he was having pain in his right hand and that he was injured by it by playing baseball. On our first date!:redbeathe I didn't even know this guy, we met once (which was when he asked me out).

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At a business dinner for hubby who tells a co-worker I'm an APN and right away, this jerk is asking for Vicodin script!!! Ugh.

While I was doing my pre-reqs, one of my neighbors had a kidney infection that landed her in the hospital. When she came home, they had forgotten to remove the capped IV. She came knocking at my door for help since I was getting ready to be a nurse. The hospital had told her when she called that she could just pull it out herself. That's been my only wild story.

My fil had a pretty nasty case of poison ivy. He started to ask me if I knew anything about it, but remembered that I haven't actually started classes. I'm guessing he'll start asking as soon as I start really learning.


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Haha my grandmother is ALL over the fact that I'm starting nursing school in the fall. She asks me medical questions and always ends them with "Oh it's so good to finally have a nurse in the family!" haha my mom and I keep reminding her I'm not a nurse yet. I'm going into a direct-entry BSN/MSN program, so I'm nervous for the day I have to tell her that I'm specializing in pediatrics!! :eek: haha


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My FIL does.

Then he gets annoyed when I won't answer his question and I say "Go see your doctor":banghead:



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My sister is a bit of a hypochondriac. She used to call my mom all the time because my mom was a CNA. Now that I am in nursing school she calls me (or send me text messages). It's insane. She came to visit with her fiance once and some of my nursing books were on the dining room table (then again, during the semester some of my nursing books are ALWAYS on the dining room table) and she started to look through one of them. Her fiance looked at me and said, "Would you please get that book out of her hands before she comes up with some off the wall illness that she has contracted?" I laughed so hard I cried. He sure knows her!!

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Yes, they do...and when they ask, I tell them they should see their doctor unless it's some basic patient teaching such as telling them what they can do to lower their risk of HTN.


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haha! I get this ALL the time...ppl love to divulge about mysterious rashes and bumps...and i'm like WHOA....let me get my foot in the door first!! ( i start my program next month) just look at it as amusing b/c i remember growing up and watching my mom (who is also a RN) get tortured by family member calling her late nights b/c their child or spouse would be sick. Her response would be "GO TO THE DOCTOR!!" I would crack up! Just smile and kinda be "honored" i guess that ppl feel that they can turn to you for some minor health concerns! : )

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