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  1. RN Endorsement

    Took me two weeks this past summer! Easy process...much more so than other states 🙂
  2. Patient asking for something at the wrong time...

    I know there are numerous times with patients and their families… But my most memorable is but I was working in Labor & Delivery and precepting a new nurse. She was almost afraid to use and so I was hands off but just kind of watching from the ...
  3. RN new to Cape Girardeau

    Looking for info about jobs in the Cape/Jackson area. Moving to the area soon with previous experience in a community hospital on the east coast. Wondering about pay, benefits, pros/cons of both hospitals...best RN jobs not in the hospital? Like the...
  4. L&D near Charlotte

    Anyone have info?? I'd love to hear from you!
  5. New Travel Nurse to Matthews, NC

    Daisybsn...wondering if you could tell me a bit about your travel assignment in Matthews...
  6. Charge nurse pay

    Big fat zero!
  7. New Travel Nurse to Matthews, NC

    Ok, well good luck to you! After you settle in if you remember can you post here about your experience? Thanks!
  8. Wondering if anyone uses an au pair for child care with working full time? I am a shift rotater, and every agency I have looked at requires an au pair work no more than 10 hours per day, even though I explained I still only work 36 hours a week (plus...
  9. Love to Teach - Masters?

    Thank you, I've seem the website; however I was looking for personal experience & input...
  10. Walden U clinical educator

    Curious about the MSN educator track at Walden? What does the practicum entail, how's the course load, professors, ect. TIA
  11. Love to Teach - Masters?

    I KNIW this is an older thread; but can anyone provide a update to this? MSN educator track at Walden? What does the practicum entail, how's the course load, professors?
  12. L&D near Charlotte

    I'm looking for information regarding different L&Ds in the Charlotte area. I have 2+ years experience in a high-risk L&D with ~500 births/month; but looking to relocate. I've looked around the NC boards here; and see pay is around $21/hr? D...
  13. New Travel Nurse to Matthews, NC

    Daisybsn...wondering how you like the assignment? How's the staffing, morale, facility ect? I'm thinking about relocating to the area, also in L&D and would appreciate any info you can provide... I've always been a staff RN but have thought about...
  14. Duke, Rex, or WakeMed

    Anyone have info on this? Also looking to move to the area and would appreciate some insider info!
  15. C over c

    In a SVE...it makes sense as completly dilated/completely effaced/0 station...thanks!