Do you keep in shape just to keep up at work?

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Do you guys find you have to work out just to stay fit enough to work? I'm finding work so much easier now that I've lost 25 pounds (due to other reasons - found out I had super high cholesterol). The lack of strain on my back is amazing.

Now I find when I skip the gym for a week I feel the ache in my lower back again. I don't want to slip a disc or destroy my lumbar spine working with these big patients...!

I've found it helps immensely with CPR, too. Personally I think chest compressions need a lot of physical endurance to be able to do them correctly.

Any thoughts? They should have work fitness programs.

Where i live the local hospital started doing a wellness programs that company's have adopted. They have walking and working out weight lose contest and so on they have things for diabetics. I personally work out every day and have always worked out I watch my weight i have family history of CHF grand parents and parents as well as cancer and diabieties. So yes i bust my orifice in the gym and i watch what i eat and i'm so happy you took it upon yourself to lose the weight and get in to shape and it does help at work but not only at work in everyday life. Here's a site if your interested and maybe you can adopt one where you work Wellness Programs At Work good luck to you and keep up the good work i hope you hit your goal. Theses are my thoughts use them as you wish.. Anthony

I work at nights. Then get home and sleep.

Then I wake up and go boxing kickboxing wrestling and Brazilian Jiujitsuing.

Im trying to neutralize that male nurse feminine view by fighting/practicing mix martial arts 2-4 hours daily except sundays and thursdays.

after training/fighting, I go back to work with intense energy.

I love it when my fist is on their face while my opponent cowers in a fetal position. (ground and pound FTW)! I hate it when I cower in fetal position kissing the deadly fists of my opponent.

I am starting a fitness program because my health has deteriorated to a point that it is affecting my day to day general sense of being able to put up with anything. I can't figure out everything that is wrong or expect help from a doctor when the elephant in the room is as large as an elephant. Workplace well-being has little to do with it. I now wake up feeling sick.

P90X.. do the plyometrics hour workout and if you can do that 3x a week you'll be in great shape. No gym required. Limitless endurance and legs like a stallion.

Not working out is horrible. I feel more sleepy throughout the day and I am sluggish when getting out of bed in the morning.

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simvee et al:

Amen to working out! Let me hear you say "AMEN!"

There's an 85 year old gentleman who works out at the same gym I do. I believe he has a take on it that we can all identify with: He said, "I work out every day because I'm afraid of what would happen if I didn't."

I too can identify. Working out is one of my top drugs of choice. Along with bicycling.


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all are have got to stay active. i added a few pounds over the yrs, however staying active in the gym and pool has allowed me to keep my wind up and at the end of the shift i not dragging like other guys my age that are slimmer than myself that jus tgo home and hit the sofa. the sport physical therapy guys has given a few of us some new core strength building moves, been doing them for about 4 months now & back is much more stable and flexible.

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I've never been out of shape, I just stay in shape for life, it makes nursing easy as well as my other job as a paramedic. I run, mountain bike, rock climb and lift weights. I go crazy without it. This year I'll be snowboarding and training for a few 10K snowshoe races. Keep crankin' guys...

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Good, you've seen the obvious benefits of working out and staying healthy. Plus you don't want to be one of those hypocritical medical professionals who tell patients that they should exercise when you don't

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good core strength and flexability is the key.

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I think it's funny that you say you needed to lose weight to stay in shape for nursing. I've noticed that since i've been working in the ICU it seems that I am now the only name that any of the the female nurses remember when they need a patient lifted/turned/transferred during my shift haha. I believe that I have to stay in shape for the mere fact that I'll look like a weakling when I end up being the one that can't help the 5'2 120lb RN lift her 145kg vented patient up in bed ha. And I saw earlier in this thread that someone suggested P90X. Awesome workout plan. I've worked out religiously since I was in high school 4 - 6 days a week depending on if i'm in a cutting or bulking cycle. I lost my drivers license for a while and was unable to go to the gym so I picked up the P90X dvds to pass the time and i've never sweat so much in my life. Granted, you probably won't really gain much size/strength but you'll melt fat and drop your bf% in no time. Ditto to the plyometrics comment too, awesome core work. Very good for balance

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