Do you have a best friend at work?


This was on a Gallup poll survey given to all employees at my facility. It was mixed in with all kinds of other questions relating to my job satisfaction.

Well, I do have a best friend at work. Let me tell you it makes all the difference in the world. I don't know what I would do without her!!! Now I like a lot of the nurses I work with, but isn't it great to have someone who you really get along with? Someone you can TRUST! It's great to know you have someone at work who will always have your back.

So, I was just wondering, Do you have a best friend at work?

TazziRN, RN

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Yes, my desk partner. She's also the one who oriented me. We have a good time when we're in the office together, and we often call each other away from the office to vent, etc.

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Yes I did where I used to work, still keep in touch with her now and left over 7 years ago. Even my last job I had a good friend and was able to talk to her about anything and we would support each other. made my job easier having someone to chat

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You must have gotten a similar survey as my workplace did. We all thought that question was a strange one. They've gone a little survey crazy where I work and everyone is getting tired of them.

They never ask the questions we want to answer such as "Do you think management is doing a good job?"


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I'm not a nurse yet but at my current job I have a best friend and work would be hell with out her! I know I can vent and be honest and frustrated and it will never leave her office and she knows she can do the same. I needed a letter of reference for nursing school and asked her to do it. I also asked her not to tell ANYONE here b/c if they found out I was planning on leaving in 2 years it would be UGLY. It's good to have someone I can trust!

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I used to. We actually worked at two different places together (switched employers). I miss her.


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Most certainly do. We usually do our schedules so that we work the same shifts. Makes it a bit easier to be at work when you have a hall buddy that helps out when needed and you can rely on.


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I did when I worked LTC. She was the CNA on my floor at night. Just me and her and our 24 residents. She was the best coworker a person could have. I think that is why we got along so well. We even went to ohio for the longaberger tour, but since I no longer work there I have fallen out of touch with her. This may just prompt me to give her a call.


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I used to at my old job. It made a big difference to me in a unit where a CLIQUE held the reigns. On days we worked together we helped each other and took lunch together etc and it was always a better day. When she wasn't there I was left with the rest of them and it was a toss up of who would be my go-to person. There were some other people I could trust and work well with but I hated the days I was left with the clique-y types or the weirdos.


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As a CNA I've had a co-worker buddy for close to 7 years. It's been the best 7years of my life because we can read each other's minds and know exactly what each of us is going to do. (She gets the patient snuggled in bed, I clean the room up).. We can depend upon each other for *everything* and we know exactly what to expect when lifting and working together. It's wonderful! If we wanted a new job we went together, had the same schedule, and everything. Our employer knew that if she needed someone to work she'd get two people to work if she called one of us because we came together and they loved it.

It truly does make work a better place because you know that there is going to be at least one person that you can depend on. It's going to be weird soon because I'm going to be starting a new job, in a new place, not knowing anyone. I'll miss her, but it's been an awesome 7years!


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No. Found out the hard way years ago that having friends at work with whom you share your personal life can cause too many problems. I don't go to work for friends, I go to work to take care of pts and make money while I am doing it. Personal and professional life stay separate which has worked out much better.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Nope. But I'm on a friendly basis with almost all of my coworkers.

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