DID I???????????

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I havent posted on here much just kind of stalked you all!!!!

Just wanted to share the last 48 hours with you all!!!!

Husband and i talked about me booking into a nice hotel near the NCLEX testing site so that the kids (all 3 of them LOUD boys) didn't destroy my brain or ears to the point of being unable to sit the exam.

Then we decided against that because it was to costly.........then we talked about me taking the night off to go watch a movie or get a massage. All sounded good in theory but here is how it really went down:

Kids were mental!!!

!3 year old had a terrible day at school and was "affected" for the rest of the night

3 year old was on the floor screaming because i have yet to find him a power rangers costume for halloween.........no amount of explanations as to the fact that it was a ways off helped.

2 year old would not go to sleep due to stomach pain and cried on the sofa until 10pm

New puppy cried in her crate until she was brought into the bedroom to snuggle with mummy.

FINALLY got to bed at 11 pm........so upset i wanted to cry!!!

Woke by NAUGHTY puppy at 6am!!!!!!!!!!! Husband slept through that so i had to take her outside!

Kids woke 10 mins later.

Beautiful husband takes all the kids to school/daycare and allows me to get ready.......finally peace!!!!!

Had shower, make up.........put on new outfit that i bought for a boost of confidence, felt fantastic!

Drove to test centre and then started to feel like i was going to throw up!!!!

Went to cafe: had coffee and something to eat (cause everyone on here says that you should be fueled up!)

Did some deep breathing

Signed in at the desk, fingerprints, photo's, palm scans etc etc

Got to my computer..............breathed some more............put on head phones..........thought to myself thats weird i cant hear the kids screaming.............started test!

Really didn't feel sure about 50% of the questions........total educated guess!!! Some were very easy!!

Anyways finally getting into the groove and then the screen turns blue..........HANG ON.......... i have only done 75 questions and its only been just over 30 minutes!!!!!!

Totally freaking out at this point!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that i got the last question right but it was sooooooo easy, i had to have failed!!!

Came home and got the GOOD POP UP twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to thank you all for sharing your feelings, experiences and tips with me........it truly has been a lifeline.

I am foreign trained (Australia) and have really done all of my prep following all of your advice and recommendations. So if i have truly passed you guys all share in this victory!!!!!!:yeah:

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:yeah: Congratulations!!! You did the work!!! Now get some rest and pamper yourself!!!

:clpty: Congrats to Tabitha!!!

But never mind the RN....you deserve a Gold Medal as Domestic Goddess of the Year after all that!!!! I bow to your superior ability to juggle!!!

Good luck.

LOL LOL @ Taryn!!!!! You would crack up if your saw the state of my house right now!!!

Your house can be a shambles....but you and your family are in just the right place!

And now, you can do anything else you desire...and not feel like you "should" be studying instead!! What FREEDOM!!!!!

I seriously have wandered around for the last day and a half, like a lost soul...whatta ya mean I don't have to study for an exam????? I can read my nursing magazines for the enjoyment of the knowledge...not the fear that if I don't remember every little factoid, I might fail a question on the NCLEX!!!

Of course, this is between checking to see if my name is on the BON site yet, or that PV will give me my "unofficial" official results before the magical 48 hour mark!!

OMG Taryn........you are just like me!!!!!

I actually looked at my husband all wide eyed and said "I can go to Barnes and noble now and read a magazine with my latte........not Davis Q&A 2010"

Ahhhh the simple things in life!!!!! YAY!!!!!

congratulations my dear !!!:yeah::yeah::yeah:

Congrats! You definitely deserve it supermom;-)

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I'd go crazy if I got some kids, thats some really difficult situation right there! I'm soooo proud of you, definitely a wonder woman! :lol2:

Good luck to your official results but PVT works so Congrats anyhow!:yeah:

Tabitha!! Still no 48 hour results for me!! I hate the weekend! LOL!

OMG Taryn.........this waiting is the worst!!!

I feel calm though...............guess the PVT has made me feel a little safe!!!

Let me know when you find out ok???

I have everything crossed for you (us!!!)

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