Did I pass NCLEX??? HELP!!!


Ok...so I took my NCLEX...and it cut off at 85 questions. I can't tell you if I have a good feeling or a bad one...because some of the questions were really hard...so I just don't know. I tried the Pearson Vue "trick" I found on here...and the message I got says " Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." I'm just worried sick because I thought I was so ready for the test...and then left feeling so uncertain.

Any thoughts you may have are appreciated. Also, my state doesn't participate in Quick Results...so about how long will I have to wait to pull the information up on the BON Licensure Look-up?



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According to the very long Pearsonvue Trick thread, the pop-up you got is the "good" one, so you may have passed :) Nothing is official until you get the results in the mail from your Board of Nursing, though. Good luck!

My nursing instructor said hers shut off as 85 questions. ;) Good luck!!

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I think you should go and by some champagne and start thinking of job hunting...

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I am loosing my mind here...still getting the same message on pearson vue "trick"...and still nothing on my BON website when I try to look up licensing info...how long should this take? It's been over 24 hours since Nclex...but not 48 hours yet. Anyone know when I might see something? Thanks!

i just took mine today. i feel so similar to you! mine shut off at 75, and all i wanted were a few more questions! i don't even know what to think. :(

i have been continuously checking pearson and my SBON, but nothing yet. :( i haven't yet worked up the guts to check out the pearson vue 'trick'.

my SBON supposedly updates daily, so maybe soon?

best of luck. i'm pulling for you! i bet you did great. :)


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Got the same popup as above. Crossing my fingers for all of you!!!


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Did you get your last question right? ONe person in my class went to 79 questions and he got the last one right and passed. I went all the way to 265 questions and passed