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I have three children ages 12, 10 and 6, have been with the love of my life for 18 years. Currently working toward a nursing degree and applying to ACC LVN Program January 2016

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  1. TexasNurse2B

    What do I do

    I absolutely love this thread! I am in the same boat as you but much older (will be 35 in August). I am going back and forth so much because I am getting my bachelors in Accounting right now. My heart is in nursing but my current boss, coworkers and family are pushing me to stick with accounting. My husband told me something that stuck with me until recently, he said why even bother going to nursing school now?? Once you hit a certain age it's a waste. Last week I told him my final decision was made and I am taking the Hesi A2 this fall and applying to the nursing program. Don't let anyone discourage you! Do what is in your heart. Good luck!!
  2. TexasNurse2B

    Keeping Mood

    Very well said!
  3. Looking forward to these articles!
  4. TexasNurse2B

    Dilemma. ..need advice

    I have a great job working for a local school district. I have my time off with my kids like i want and a great boss and coworkers. My dream is to be a nurse. I was planning to apply to the lvn program this fall and hopefully get accepted for next spring. My husband lost his job 4 months ago and it's been a struggle finding one since. The savings has dwindled away because all though my job is great, the pay is lousy. With my husband having such a hard time finding a job, i thought about putting off applying to the lvn program because what if he cant find a job by next spring? Or what if he finds a job and we are just getting back on our feet to build up the savings again and we can't afford for me to quit to attending nursing school? I feel like the more i wait the older I'll be and my husbands opinion is i shouldnt wait till I'm in my 40's to become a nurse since the money needs to be made now that the kids are young not later when they are older. Has anyone ever been in this situation? Anyone ever put off nursing school to tend to your family while they are young instead? Please help!
  5. TexasNurse2B

    Opinions - When to apply ?

    My plan is to apply to LVN then bridge to RN right after. I have 3 kids, two of which are involved in after school sports 3 times out of the week. They are 10, 8 and the youngest who is 5 will be entering kindergarten next year. The hubby has a fluctuating schedule at work and is never the same from week to week. My dilemma: I wanted to apply to the LVN program this November. With the demanding schedule and kids right now, should I just wait till next year when the youngest is in school all day? Anyone with kids, what was your schedule like?
  6. TexasNurse2B

    30+ club! Lets do this together.

    I'm 32 :)
  7. TexasNurse2B

    30+ club! Lets do this together.

    Love this idea!!! I always feel like no one else is attempting nursing at my age and everyone is straight out of high school. This is a great support system!
  8. TexasNurse2B

    One step in the right direction....

    Congrats! I would also like to know what you used to study as I'm going to start studying this month.
  9. TexasNurse2B

    Took the HESI yesterday , now here's MY experience !

    Thank you! I starting to study for this exam this month.
  10. TexasNurse2B


    Hi all! I need help! I originally started out wanting to be a nurse after my daughter was in the NICU when she was 3 weeks old. The nurses really made a huge difference in how I ever perceived them. Right then I made my choice! Well fast forward to 7 years later and now I have 3 little ones, a full time job, a GPA of 2.35 (due to a few F's from years past) and an Associates Degree in General Studies. I really just wanted to get a career going for me so I chose accounting as my major for my bachelors which is what I'm currently working on. But I can't stop thinking that my heart belongs in the medical field! Has anyone else had this problem? I don't want to be this 32 year old flip flopper who can't decide what she wants to be when she grows up but I don't want to make a choice that I'll regret later. I looked in to Radiography and Respitory Therapy, and have already been told by 2 nurses that if they could do it all over again they would never have chosen nursing as their career Please help!
  11. TexasNurse2B

    Feeling lost

    Thank you for responding. I guess I am in the mindset right now that if I don’t accomplish a degree or career right now then I never will. I do think A LOT about what others do and think about me (horrible I know) and the more and more I see people around becoming successful the more and more I get down on myself. I think I am honestly trying to talk myself out of nursing but I can’t pinpoint the reason why! I want to be a nurse so bad!
  12. TexasNurse2B

    Feeling lost

    I need some guidance. Six and a half years ago I decided my dream was to become a nurse. My newborn daughter had gotten sick and was in the NICU at TCH for 3 weeks. The nurses really showed how much they really cared for my daughter. I knew right then and there nursing was for me. So I worked the hardest in my pre-reqs I could with a newborn and a 2 year old but my hardest wasn't enough. I worked full time, went to school full time, caring for a newborn and a 2 year old, I made C's in my AP classes. Within that time I had another baby, who is now 3. My gpa sucked, so the RN program wasn't even an option for me. A year and a half ago I applied to the LVN program at a local community college that only bases acceptance on your ACT score. I was denied acceptance because my score was only 18. After that I gave up. I figured nursing just wasn't for me. I got a new job in the business office of my children's school district so it's the perfect job. I get the time off with the kids, all the holidays, etc. I love it! I am 6 classes away from getting my associates degree so I told myself I would finish that then look into getting my bachelors in accounting. So what's the problem? My brain is totally wrapped around nursing! I can't stop thinking about it! My sister in law is an LVN and we started our pre-reqs at the same time. I can't help but to be jealous of her. My cousin and a family friends daughter also became RN's this past year and although I'm so happy for them because they have achieved their dreams, I can't help but feel so sad in my heart because I never took school serious enough to be good enough for acceptance. I talked to my sister in law who works in a nursing home and she hates it. She said "If I were you, I would complete my associate's degree instead. If I could go back, I would never have become an LVN." She's now taking pre-reqs to for the LVN-RN bridge program. I spoke to a friend of mine who started working as an RN this summer and she LOVES it! She told me to go for it still because it's a decision I will regret if I don't. I'm torn! I know not everyone is the same, just like any other career. But I just can't stop thinking in the back of my mind that what if I apply to the LVN program, get accepted then quit my job, what if I hate it????
  13. TexasNurse2B

    Finally got my head on straight!

    I just turned 31 today and so glad I found this thread. I had given up on nursing since december when I had to drop micro. I figure nursing wasn't for me. But I still have that longing to want to be a nurse! Anything that makes me feel so strongly about wanting to repeat and try again in classes I did horrible in has to mean something right??? Good luck to everyone!
  14. Me and my significant other have been together for 13 years, we have 3 kids (7,5 and 2). I'm currently taking my last pre-req before applying to nursing school (micro ) and it seems like this semester has been the hardest on us. I quit my job in June to concentrate on this last semester. We fight constantly, he does not help at all but always feels the need to ask "How much longer in school do you have???" "When are you going to graduate???" Its frustrating because I'm to the point where I don't even feel the need to want to work on the relationship anymore. My top priority right now is getting through school, getting into a program, graduating and finding a job. I know it may sound selfish but I don't even see us lasting more then a year longer. Is there anyway to get passed this??? I tell him constantly that I need his help with the kids so I can have time to study but it just goes through one ear and out the other. I failed my last two micro exams because he comes home, watches tv and lays down to bed. While I'm bathing, feeding and putting the kids to bed. Then when I finally have time to study, I can only keep my eyes open for a few hours before I'm totally exhausted.
  15. I truly have a love/hatr relationship with this class lol How do you study for micro?