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Okay, I have been a CNA and EKG TECH for years. I have decided to extend my limitiations and am ready to go for RN Pre req's. I have been scared the last few years to even attempt it. I didn't even learn my multiplication until I was like 20 ( dropped out of school in 7th grade, moved from school to school before that, One school was just learning there multiplication and then we moved and the other school had already learned theres. I got behind and taught myself). So, for year I had to count on my fingures:uhoh21:. Any ways I then decided to get my G.E.D and through prayer and dedication I passed! Well then I decided to go get my CNA and then got my Medical assistant:yeah:. I am just worried about this college work. I am not to bright at fraction and decimals etc.... Did any of you ever struggle like me and get through pre reqs???? Were you scared? What was your best way of learning?

Tonya pate


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I meant "fingers"


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Contact a local nursing school about prereqa. Start slowly, take one class at a time. Start with one easy and then take a harder one. You've made great progress already so if this is something you want...go for it!!! Good luck!!


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I have decided to start slowly and have been studying fractions, algebra, etc... I have taken self test and (Thank you Jesus) I am learning this stuf. I took my compass and scred into college English I am going to take my math and reading next. I know I can do it I just need to learn it and boy, oh, boy, is it a lot to learn! In my Medical assistant class I graduated on with a A.


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If I can do it so can you! like you I was horrible at math in my jr high school, I as well moved and the new school was into algebra and I didnt even know how to do long division or fractions!. I only have Micro left for my prereqs.

I took an adult course in basic math, it was cheaper than a college course, I think it was $40 compared to the same kind of course offered in college at $295. In this course there was a book called Essential math skills. It was a god send because It showed you step by step how to do all the math things, Fractions, decimals, %, etc. It had the answer book too which helped me because I could go back and keep taking the tests. I loved it and still have it.

You can get it on Amazon I think for $12. Make sure it has the answer book to though. The cover is green and it has a # on the cover I think.

When I finally to college algebra It was hard but I had a great teacher and I just did the problems over and over again. I recieved an A. When I looked at my grade I automaticlly thought, Oh he must have posted this grade for another student, not me:uhoh21: I was wrong, wow I screamed to the top of my lungs, you see this was the monster in my soul all my life I thought I was stuped etc. After I got over my low self esteem, I said full steam ahead!!

I am not saying A&P I and II was easy but I got through it and I am better for it.

If you do not try, you may never know if you could have done it and you may be bitter because of it.

Let us know what your decision is we care. PS You are never to old either I am 50 this month:wink2::yeah:


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Dude, your post was very well written. You sound intelligent. Nursing math isn't really hard. Very important, but not very hard. There are only about 3 different kind of math problems we do. Memorize them, and you are good to go. If ever in doubt have someone double check when you are working. Want to know a secret? You pretty much teach yourself in nursing school. You have to be able to think critically. The fact that you taught yourself your multiplication tables, and probably a lot of other things due to your mobile school history, makes you an excellent candidate, because I bet you are also very flexible. Ever consider travel nursing? If I were you, I'd go to your local nursing school college bookstore (or Barner & Nobles, or internet) and buy a nursing math made easy book and find a tutor or someone to explain it to you, and you will have a jump on the game. If that frightens you, get a kid's easy easy math workbook and brush up on adding, subtraction, multiplication, and division, then advance to the next harder one. They won't know it's for you. They will think you are getting it for your cousin for brushing up over the summer. Good luck! :twocents:

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YOU CAN do it....I am lousy at math,too.I am in remedial math this summer and then I'll start my pre-reqs to go from lpn to an associate's degree.As someone has said nursing math is really just memorizing a few formulas. The first day of the lpn program I drove home crying because I thought I was screwed-with the help of a classmate I learned the formulas for the equations and ended up with an A...Keep the faith...

leslie :-D

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tony, YES, you can do this!

you are determined and intelligent, which will bring you far.

there is some excellent advice here.

for what it's worth, i think you will make a fine, fine nurse some day.

just stay true to yourself and your visions.

you can make this happen.:balloons:


i'm horrible at some math, some of it makes sense, some doesn't. you're on the right track sounds like you're at a community college. those lower level/non-college credit/bridge classes are there for a reason, to help you make it to be able to do the college level. i was able to test into stats barely, and ended up with an a, our college has great resources and free open assistance labs for all levels of math, bio, and english.

i had take a bridge biology before a&p because i hadn't had one in 20 years since i was like 15 years old. it was well worth it. i ended up with an a in a&p i and a b in a&p ii.

good luck to you!!

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I echo this. Math is still my nightmare, but I took my time with it. Like others, I took a class at a community college to prepare me for math three times! The last time I took it was the semester RIGHT before taking Dosage Calculations (I revisited fractions and decimals in that one), and like others spoke here, I got an A in the class. Now, before I apply for agency positions where I know a dosage calculations test is being given, I review my math book, practice the ones that I don't do often (usually IV calculations) and I get through it!


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I think I said "Can I really do this?" to myself almost everyday during nursing school!!!! Now I have been "doing it" for about 4 years.

Like other posters have said, the actual nursing math isn't too bad...And at my job we have a computerized medication administration record that does the math for you. It tells you the dose, whats on hand, and how many milliliters to draw up.

Of course, you have to double check and make sure....Also, you can always double check with the other nurses or pharmacist you work with.

Don't let fear of math stop you. You sound like a smart hard working person. Good luck and best wishes.


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I am 27 - almost 28 and graduated high school and I am having a terrible time with fractions right now. I took algebra and geometry in high school and looking at it now, its like I slept all thru class so a I am learning it all over again. I feel for you, cause I am in the same boat. I was a wild one back in the day and most of high school is a blur.....so I don't know how I graduated. I would study those things heavily and take a Math class in CC, I think I am going to do the same thing.

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