Did you attend your RN-BSN graduation?


I will be completing my rn-bsn degree in a few months (Lord willing). I am debating whether or not to attend graduation. For starters it will cost me about 300 dollars to attend and for my cap and gown. I will also have to wait until the end of summer as this school holds ceremonies twice a year. I did an online program by the way. Im just curious to know if any of you bothered to go to graduation from an online program. Why or why not?


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I just completed my RN-BSN degree as well. At first I wasn't sure whether I would walk, but now I do plan to attend the commencement ceremony at the end of the year. The school I attended is local, so I won't have to travel far. Plus, I have a friend who will be graduating from the program at the same time, and so we both decided to walk.

Best of luck in your program!

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I completed my Masters from U of Phoenix, a total on-line program. The closest graduation ceremony was in Philadelphia, about 2 hours from where I live. It was a great ceremony, and I had worked so hard to get my MSN that I wanted desperately to attend. What was really neat about the graduation ceremony is that I finally met some of my on-line classmates face to face. Yes, you should go, celebrate your accomplishment!!


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YES I did.

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I am presently enrolled in an online RN-to-BSN degree program and, in all likelihood, I will be finished by the end of this year. I don't plan to attend the graduation ceremonies.

As much as I am proud of my achievements, I think that graudation ceremonies are designed more for the spectators than the actual graduates.

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I will be done in Jan. and the next graduation would be in June. I kind of feel silly going, after six months of completion. However, I still may go. The graduation at the end of Jan. will be in Florida, I'll have a new born baby by then so that is not an option. The one in June is 45 minutes from my home.

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I wanted to, but I would have had to wait until 6 months post actually finishing my program to walk (finished in Deember but graduation wasn't until May) and I had to work that weekend so I didn't walk but I was sad. I had already graduated rom that university once with a previous BA so I'd already had the experience once at least.

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I plan on attending mine in May since I'm expecting to graduate with honors. I'll feel so proud getting to wear an honors sash :) I've never been anywhere close to graduating with honors for my BA or my ADN, so this actually means something to me.

EDIT: Oh, and I'm in an online program at a local traditional brick and mortar school.

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I will be graduating from my RN-BSN program in December. The graduation is in April. Hell yes I will be there, and I'm taking my husband and kids with me and making a mini vacation out of it. Like SquishyRN, I'm expecting to graduate with honors. My kids graduated from high school with honors, and I was so proud of them. I want my family to be proud of me. I only attended my pinning ceremonies, so this will be my first college graduation.

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I didn't go, but I bought the tassel and watched it live via streaming just to be 'there'. Good enough for me. :)

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I think that it's insane to charge that much to people who have already paid to go to school. I didn't do online and it cost me about $50 for the gown, cap, and tassel. There was a video recording for $25 of the ceremony but still, how can they get away with charging that much?

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I would have attended had I been in Texas at the time. But I was a couple of time zones over.