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destroyed her laptop


Just so everybody knows.. i don't hurt people or animals.. ever!!!

i've been really angry lately.. and now think i did something really stupid.. like.. threw my laptop away.. ( didn't make me feel any better.. just felt stupid for doing it ) was so angry that i can't seem to get a good score from my exam thing..saunders cd.:banghead:

my exam date is fast approaching.. 2nd week of oct. (can't resched it anymore you guys)

not done with the suanders book (not even close to reading the half of it)

can't understand the stupid questions

i believe that iam resorting to procrastination (though i don't want to..just can't help it) since i can't seem to do anything right..:banghead:

i hate my freakin' life!!!! hate it!!!!

getting older and older and can't even start my nsg career!:banghead:

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One of my friends would advise you to get inebriated and get the poison out of your system. Then when you sober up, clear up your mind and change the attitude. Get back on track and get it together to do what you need to do. You threw away your laptop? Well, do you feel any better? Please don't kick the dog or your little brother if you still need to get rid of the bad feelings. Good luck on your test.


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First.....try and cam down and take a deep breath.

Second, what score are you getting? And how long have you been studying?

i don't hurt animals or people... that's something im not going to do ever.. not in a billion years..

im just so mad.. that's all..

been studying since first day of aug.. not retaining any info..

maybe some people were right all along.. if you failed a couple of times.. you'll lose the guts to take it again.. maybe that's what's happening to me.. anxiety attack


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No don't like them be right!! Just keep at it!! If this is what you really want, it's gonna be hard to obtain but not impossible!

thank you for cheering me up.. just don't know how to fix my study table anymore.. one's that going to be really effective..

how did you study for the exam?

i only have a month a couple of days left before my test.. any advice? would really appreciate it.. :roll

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The same i have with this exam...ANGER. But one of the post here that i read gives me a challenge of my life. I have a hard time with the exam that is why i failed twice. But i stop and think again, this is only a test and i wont let it ruin my life. I am reading Saunders 4th edition chapter by chapter everyday and understanding things that i dont know and take the 100 practice test every day in the CD. I get low score and sometimes high but ..i dont let it affect my study. If you get a low score, go back and read the rationale and understand why you got it wrong then take it again and understand..Its tough but i want to be a nurse so bad..my exam is fast approching and i am taking it one day at a time and not pressure myself about it. I know in God's hand i will make it tru this..there are days that is not a good study day..but you will make it tru if you really want to pass..i tell that to myself everyday. A lot of discouragement from some people here but i will show them that I can do it and pass this monster....Good luck to all


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Our school made the Hurst Review a requirement, so we did that for a week after graduation...then we did another week of str8 practice tests. When I went home, I waited like a week to start studying. I went thru the Hurst review book by each unit...then I used my Hogan nclex book to do a 100 question practice exam on the unit I was on (like GI) to see how good I could do. If I got an 80%, I would move on...if not, I did practice questions from that, Saunders, and NCLEX made easy. Then after I was done with the units, I did comprehensive exams til 2 days b4 my test day. Whenever I got a question wrong OR I guessed on it, I wrote the rationale down....I swear I have like 30 sheets of paper! I also used the LaCharity Prioritization book...big help. For infection control, there are threads on here thart helped, so make sure you look at them. In all, I studied about 2-3 months....give and take the days I was too tired to study lol

i'll be studying for a month and a half.. now good luck on that lol!!!

this is really frustrating.. just wanna kick my self for doing stupid things..

#1 PROCRASTINATION.. huge huge issue on that.. think i've waisted the whole month of aug on nothing.. sure i've ready some stuff.. but nothing really stuck..

im just so full of negative vibes people.. and it's all my fault.. dang


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I understand....I felt like I wasnt studying as hard as I should have because I didn't even get my ATT until the very end of july because of some hold up at our state board. Once I scheduled the date, I was able to focus more and studied like 5 days a week as opposed to 3, and I made sure I wouldn't spend too much time on one unit. I had to start setting my alarm to get up at like 8, too.

i should proly pick myself up..not too late for me right? (a month and couple o' days) and really really discipline myself.. :banghead: oh gawd!

so you study how many hours per day? 8am till what?

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Sounds like maybe you would benefit from taking a day off from studying and getting out and relaxing.

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