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Hi everyone!

My New Years resolution is to be the coworker that I'd want to work with. What are somethings you like about some of your coworkers? What do you find helpful that they do? Do you enjoy coworkers that ask about your personal life or are you all business?

Thanks for the help! :)


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My ideal co-worker is a team player, refrains from workplace gossip, and does not bring personal life drama into the workplace. I don't care if co-workers know about my personal life or not.

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A team player who comes in to do their job, is professional, and isn't going to stab another employee in the back the minute they are out of earshot. Simple chit chat in the break room is okay, but I don't want to share my life story with my coworker and I really don't have time to be Dr. Phil for them either.


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Someone I know has my back. Someone who I can exchange a glance with and convey a lot.

A COB. I always want to work with COBs.

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When I'm slammed they jump in "Hey CBlover what can I do?! You're sinking!"

Comes to work cheerfully. Not negative all the time.

Doesn't call out too frequently.

Carries their load and doesn't dump all the dirty work on the CNAs.

Diligent. Team player. Good communicator. Doesn't ask dumb questions. Timely. Non-drama queen. Perceptive.

I don't like talkers either. I'm okay with convos here and there, but not the people who pour out their life story while I'm trying to do important stuff.


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I think the biggest thing you can do is be perceptive, notice if a coworker is drowning, and offer help. A positive/cheerful attitude makes you extremely likable. Have your stuff together, don't complain all of the time. Be efficient.

If it's personal connections you are aiming for, you'll want to listen to your coworkers vent and be empathetic. Most people do like to talk about family/social life at work, but not all. So be cautious about who does and who doesn't.

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A COB. I always want to work with COBs.



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  1. Arrives and departs work on time
  2. Completes assigned tasks
  3. Is proficient in nursing skills
  4. Can function autonomously in most circumstances
  5. Acts and looks professional
  6. Understands what nursing is, and what it is not

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Friendly but not overly talkative, chill in stressful situations, humble, team player. Leaves me the %$@! alone when I'm charting and trying to remember all the little details.


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I'm surprised to see so many of you prefer someone who isn't overly chatty. I love my coworkers but I get frustrated when they tell me every detail of their personal life. Especially when I'm busy. I see nurses who seem to enjoy personal in-depth convos. It makes me feel very guilty, since I can't even pay attention to their story because my brain is screaming, "I need to do wound care!!!" I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea.