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  1. Good luck Kathy! Let me know if you hear anything!
  2. Hi all, I've applied for NYU Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program Spring 2020. I received an update today stating I've been waitlisted. Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea how many people apply/get accepted? I'm curious how...
  3. Proactive not Reactive

    Awesome suggestions! Thanks so much for your thoughtful insight!
  4. Proactive not Reactive

    Hi all, I’m currently working at a teaching hospital in NYC that is very good but slightly disorganized when it comes to workflow. I am trying to brainstorm how it could be improved. From my perspective, the residents are very overwhelmed and complet...
  5. US to UK nursing Salary

    The reason it "keeps coming up" is because band 5 is $33,500 usd. My question is about the fact that where I live, I'd be around the poverty line at that salary. I'm asking what's different between here and there that makes that a living wage there. ...
  6. US to UK nursing Salary

    Hi everyone, I'm curious about living in the UK on a nurses salary. Is it worth going through the paperwork and visa process? I saw someone say that the salary is NHS band 5 which is around £25,551 a year, which is $33,500 usd. This seems low. How...
  7. Would a nurse in informatics like to answer 9 questions?

    Hi all, disregard this message. I found someone at work who let me interview them!
  8. Hi all, I am currently in school pursuing my masters and one of our assignments is to interview a nurse who has a degree in informatics. I work night shift and it's difficult to find someone at the hospital to interview. I was hoping someone here wou...
  9. So confused about IVPB

    Thank you all for your replies. I didn't realize this was such an uncommon practice. I am new to IV medications and the people around me act like this is proper practice. I will contact the pharmacist tonight and write down her recommendations. In ad...
  10. So confused about IVPB

    The patient had normal saline running at 75 ml/hr on a peripheral line. She was NPO and yes I had lab values. No tele. None of our IVPB orders come with rates. I was told by my nursing manager that this is is how it's done throughout the entire hospi...
  11. So confused about IVPB

    Hi all, I have recently started working on a Med-Surg floor. Most of our patients have many IVPB, but the problem is we are never given the rates to run them. Or worst yet, the rate listed is wrong. As some who is new, it's very scary to me to think ...
  12. Hi there, I am going back for my MSN this fall, and I'm wondering if there would be any opportunity for a Public Health RN-MSN to join an organization full time and assist the planning and execution of trips abroad. I have always been interested in...
  13. Any one work at mount sinai as a lpn

    I work there, I started at $26/hr. It's lower than what I was making but it's union so for me the benefits outweigh the rate.
  14. Would you recommend EC to new students?

    It just depends on their situation. I am grateful for Excelsior. It took me 2 years to do the prereqs and the nursing courses including the FCCA. I am currently on the CPNE wait list. I would have rather done a more traditional route, but the reality...
  15. Sending MD pictures of wounds on cell phone?

    Another home care nurse here, and yes we do it. We usually take them with our phones and email them to the Doctor. Our patient knows and watches me delete the photos after I send them. The doctor comes only once a month and I do wound care everyday. ...