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    Hi all, I’m currently working at a teaching hospital in NYC that is very good but slightly disorganized when it comes to workflow. I am trying to brainstorm how it could be improved. From my perspective, the residents are very overwhelmed and completely unsupervised on nights. When they admit patients there are usually no “standing orders.” It’s very much thrown together. Simply a diagnosis, diet order, some home meds, and a handful of things specific to the patient like oxygen. This leaves the nurse with no choice but to call the resident each time the patient requests something. “The patient has a headache, could we get an order for Tylenol” etc. How does your hospital handle this issue? Do you also have to call each time you need something? Or do you have a system in place to prevent this? It seems extremely inefficient for both the doctor and the nurse to constantly have to page back and forth for simple things that could be anticipated. Thanks in advance!