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CBlover has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ORTHO, PCU, ED.

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  1. CBlover

    Schools That Provide Preceptors

    Carson Newman DOES NOT provide preceptors. I have a friend at Carson Newman. She has had to search for her own.
  2. CBlover

    Walden FNP Review

    I'm currently enrolled at Walden in the FNP program. Anyone has questions about what is new or anything I can try to answer. I start clinical in March.
  3. CBlover

    First Reaction to Changes

    I like it so far. Oddly my avatar is gone. That's all right though I can replace. Glad to be back on!!
  4. CBlover

    "He just wanted to know..."

    I haven't read a single comment, but I get asked all the time, even today (am working) was asked if I am from "around here." And I'm white as white gets and in the South. Pts just like to start conversation.
  5. I've been on AN since 2015. Was pregnant and sitting in a recliner with my feet up and bored. Had been a stalker for years, but joining has made it much more fun and engaging. My biggest accomplishment. Hmm. I would say being a mom of an all-boy 3 ye...
  6. CBlover

    Nurse Imposters

    I guess I am confused on how it's illegal. Because, for example, I have a friend who is not an RN or LPN but she's worked for a gastroenterologist for years, and she calls herself "Dr. Reed's nurse." And he refers to her as his "nurse." She has a deg...
  7. CBlover

    Nurse Imposters

    I GET SO TIRED OF THIS TOO!!!!! Whenever I call the peds office for my 3 y.o. with an illness and don't necessarily need a visit and I ask to speak to the nurse, I swear it's this young 18, 19 y.o. dude that doesn't even wear a badge that calls himse...
  8. CBlover

    Sexual harrassment or just an old creep?

    Well the fact I am 30 and he's in his 60s characterizes him as too old a date lol. Doesn't mean 60s is "old."
  9. CBlover

    Sexual harrassment or just an old creep?

    Exactly. I do not agree that in any fashion is it "a term of endearment" as some have suggested when a male calls a female coworker "beautiful." To follow up, word must have gotten to him. I have not seen him but maybe twice since I posted originall...
  10. I haven't read but a few comments. Simply, I would have snapped on time 1 if someone called me anything negative in front or not in front of a pt. They'd gotten their head bit OFF. That's bullying and absolutely unacceptable. Nuff said.
  11. Ok yall so I need some insight. I've been working at my current job for almost 2 years. There is an older guy that works here, a pharmacist, in his 60s that has often chatted with me and I literally never thought anything of it. He's a very interesti...
  12. CBlover

    Tattoos in the workplace

    I can't understand why your boss would comment that if you got more tats you wouldn't be able to go far in nursing basically. That's bs. I know male nurses with their whole chest and arms tattooed. They just wear long sleeves under their scrubs. Cult...
  13. CBlover

    'My Patient died' Facebook post

    First of all, its HIPAA, not HIPPA. Second, sounds like a homework question. And no your aunt didn't violate HIPAA but you can by posting stuff like this. Leave work completely out of social media. Period.
  14. CBlover

    Is this discrimination?

    Ok so I just have a blunt question to ask, is it "racist" to note peculiarities around different cultures? Does everyone need to be expected to just ignore that some ethnicities do have possibly different values and norms??? I mean, anymore it's like...
  15. If I refused to care for a white supremacists, as much as that disgusts me, I'd be as guilty of partiality and prejudice as him. That's the way I see it.