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Denial and appeal process for RN license


Ok so I was denied my RN license in July 2014 for a criminal convictions from 2001 and 2006. I am currently an LVN and have been practicing for over 3 years. I hired a professional license attorney after receiving the denial from the board, and we submitted an appeal to the board which was received July 21, 2014. The board allowed me to sit and take my boards. I took my NCLEX August 15, and they are holding my results. I got the good pop up...I am currently waiting to hear from the Attorney Generals office regarding my statute of limitations so we can make an agreement. It has been months! I am wondering if anyone else has had to wait for the AG's office and if so how long did it take. What is the time line on how much longer this process should take before I can get my license?

So please let me know if anyone else has had a similar circumstance???

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What does your attorney say?

Hello I just am finishing up the whole process and from May when I was denied and agreed for the stipulated agreement I tested in June and received my stipulated agreement July 25th or 27th right around there. So like 2 months. I signed sent it in immediately and yesterday I received my approval and my license will be active in December. So from begining to end application to active about 9 months total. No attorney just me. Hope it goes well for you it just takes time

What were your stipulations and why December?

They give 30 days from the date they approve me which was this month in order for me to speak with their probation dept and make sure that I am aware of what I have to do like if they want any testing or meeting that kinda stuff. I don't know what my stipulations could be. I signed the stipulated agreement and it has everything in it all of the 1-19 I believe but the BRN doesn't tell me the probation dept for the BRN does. The BRN just said yes you will be licensed. Love hearing that

Did their AG type up a statement of issues for you or did you get an offer directly from the BRN? Was this in CA? Keep us updated on your Job Search!!

The AG typed up the statement of issuance then it goes back to her and then to the BRN and if they accept the stipulated agreement request then you wait for that and I will absolutely keep you up to date

Any concerns about finding a job? Does the BON in your state list you disciplinary action on the website like AZ's does?

Do you mind if I ask who the attorney or company is? Is it in CA? I wish you the best of luck with getting licensed. I will be going through this starting May 2015.

Hi just a quick update. I was approved!!! I will be officially licensed in 2 weeks. Yes it will be probationary for a couple of years but I totally ok with that. I know it's been forever since my bad choices but they don't know me so it gives the BRN to see that I will be a safe and competent nurse. I'm so excited to see those letters after my name. Merry Christmas to me!

Any concerns about finding a job? Does the BON in your state list you disciplinary action on the website like AZ's does?

Hi yes CA puts disciplinary actions on your license. You can request to have it removed early. I have ready discussed my history with my probable employer and they said just be honest on the application and it will be fine. I have had this lined up since before I graduated and yes I know people that work at the facility so I felt comfortable discussing it openly.

So funny I already updated here and didn't see it lol guess I'm overly excited sorry lol