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Denial and appeal process for RN license


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Congratulations!!! Happy you will be able to start working. Can I ask what type of work you will be doing? LTC, Acute/hospital, rehab, etc.?

Congratulations!!! Happy you will be able to start working. Can I ask what type of work you will be doing? LTC, Acute/hospital, rehab, etc.?

Hi I plan on going into a Hospital setting I am open to almost any dept just to get my foot in the door. I know someone and they are aware of my special circumstances and are willing to work with me. I didn't get a notification that you replied sorry it took me so long.

I am also in the same exact situation as you are shannonthecannon. My dates are 2001 and 2008. I am still waiting for some sort of contact from the AG's office. My file was sent to AG's office in early October 2014. I was wondering if you have heard anything yet. What was your outcome?


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I'm in the same waiting game. I appealed my denial but with a waiver they allowed me to sit for the nclex. Took NCLEX 2/11/15. So they're holding my results and now I'm just sitting on my hands waiting for SOME kind of correspondence or instructions on what to do next. I hope I don't have to wait too long.

How were you able to obtain your LPN? I don't understand why you were granted an LPN license but having issues getting an RN license.

Did you have other convictions after obtaining your LPN?

Do you already know who the deputy AG is that's assigned to your case? If not, you should email the enforcement department at the board of nursing (the email is posted under the "contact us" tab on their website). When I did that and let them know it had been 4 months since I appealed/got my ATT they told me that I would hear from someone within 2 weeks and they came through on the promise. First they send a statement of issues by certified mail, which you must respond to within 10 days from receiving it. The person assigned to my case actually called me before I returned it. Since you already have a lawyer the process should go by quickly. Next they will send you a stipulated settlement consisting of whatever terms they want you to abide by and from there your lawyer should send a mitigation package with any evidence of rehabilitation and a proposed counter settlement offer, if that's what you want to do (the BRN considers acceptable forms of evidence to be a recent physical, lab work, mental health/substance abuse evaluation, letters of character, performance evaluations, volunteer work, treatment programs, and education completed as outlined in their Uniform Standards Related to Substance Abuse and Disciplinary Actions which is available online if you search for it). It will take a couple days for the BRN to decide whether they reject or accept the proposed offer and whether they have another counter offer or not. Once you come to an agreement then the AG will write it up and send it to the BRN for final approval. After they approve it in another couple days, you sign it and return it. From there I heard it takes about a month for your license to be posted. I am in the process of signing the offer, so the part about the license posting is what I've heard from several other people. If you can't come to an agreement then the next step would be to attend the scheduled hearing. Hope that helps!

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Congrats on getting your license. I'm so afraid that I won't get mine, I graduate in May and submitted my application to the BRN two weeks ago. I'm wondering how your experience has been so far with the probationary license. Have you been able to find employment?