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  1. Hi this thread is for the Memorial Hospital Gardena New Grad Program Summer 2015. We can make this a place to exchange information and be supportive of each other. Good Luck everyone and when we are here for support in a positive way we become stronger Nurses and that great for us and our patients. As the thread progresses remember anyone can look this up so be respectful to the facility and yourselves.
  2. Hello i wanted to know what is the best way to disclose my probation. It is due to a very old arrest way before nursing . My license is fine I can act as a full RN just have the stipulations no med restrictions. Anyway I am going in for a new grad interview and it's my dream dept I don't want to mess up my delivery when telling them about the probation. What have you all said when in this situation. Thank you in advanced
  3. La Cubanita RN

    Who's applying to Cypress College, Spring 2015

    There's really not much difference just have to be white. I recommend going to the scrub shop in the Buena Park mall she's use to cypress uniforms and will see your patch on for free she is also very reasonable and don't but the googles if it's on the list you don't need them
  4. La Cubanita RN

    best nclex prep

    That's very subjective. It all depends on the person and their needs. For me it was Kaplan I have a friend that did Saunders we both passed at 75.
  5. La Cubanita RN

    Please help.........thank you :)

    Won't let me share it just search 35 page NCLEX study guide and it comes up. Loved it nice compact review of everything. It's a basic safety test as well as delegation so keep that in mind and be amazing!
  6. La Cubanita RN

    Please help.........thank you :)

    Hi 1st of all take a deep breath going in and go in there believing that you have got this. Now I got to a point when I was just full and couldn't absorb anymore and at that point I only reviewed the 35 page study guide found on this site (I'll try to find it again and share the link with you) sounds like your doing all your general study stuff already. I did Kaplan and loved it.
  7. I don't see anything wrong either. My school would have sent those people home or exited them from the program.
  8. La Cubanita RN

    Kaplan readiness exam

    It's your Readiness that need to be at 60 or more. The diagnostic showed where you need to go use on study but still want the 60 your really right there. Our guy said when you take your readiness if it's in the 60s you're ready
  9. Your very welcome
  10. Nope everyone who's gotten the good one has passed. There's a million threads and it's always a yes so congrats!
  11. La Cubanita RN

    Low Kaplan Qbank Scores

    If you search Kaplan scores on allnurses there are tons of threads that should ease your mind.
  12. La Cubanita RN

    Low Kaplan Qbank Scores

    Kaplan should tell everyone this early on. 60 is an A I know feels crazy I almost hyperventilated when I got a 63 but yes your goal is to be at 60 and above. I have many friends who scored in the 50's most of the time and did just fine on the NCLEX
  13. La Cubanita RN

    January 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Nevermind I'll ask Becky for help
  14. La Cubanita RN

    Took NCLEX a week ago...no results!

    Finally! Well congrats there must be a reason for it all. Hope it's something fabulous and exciting
  15. La Cubanita RN


    I used Kaplan and I never used the book because well honestly it was too much. I got all that content in school. For 2 years I got content everyday! Heck and I tested 6 months after graduation so I just needed to find my rhythm again. I love Kaplan it was wonderful. I used the qbanks and trainers online all 100% of it. I didn't use the videos much. It's not for everyone we all process differently but for me it was golden
  16. La Cubanita RN

    Male nurse midwife

    It's nice to follow your heart but I would always prefer a female midwife. I had 3 kids and only 1 delivered by a man. It would be a tough market but hey you may be the one to really give men a voice there who knows

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