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  1. Hi this thread is for the Memorial Hospital Gardena New Grad Program Summer 2015. We can make this a place to exchange information and be supportive of each other. Good Luck everyone and when we are here for support in a positive way we become stronger Nurses and that great for us and our patients. As the thread progresses remember anyone can look this up so be respectful to the facility and yourselves.
  2. Hello i wanted to know what is the best way to disclose my probation. It is due to a very old arrest way before nursing . My license is fine I can act as a full RN just have the stipulations no med restrictions. Anyway I am going in for a new grad interview and it's my dream dept I don't want to mess up my delivery when telling them about the probation. What have you all said when in this situation. Thank you in advanced
  3. La Cubanita RN

    RNs!!!! Did you fail Any classes???

    Never failed passed NCLEX 75 had a 4.0 in prereq's
  4. La Cubanita RN

    Got arrested/detained for Solicitation of Prost.

    Hi you will still have to disclose the arrest to the BRN but you can just say it was discharged without conviction. They will take into consideration any and all circumstances surrounding your issue the length of time that has passed and any other offences. That's for the board of nursing just to get your license. Dont be be so sure about the employers not being able to ask they absolutely can. They asks have you ever been arrested and if so what was the outcome? Yeah that one burgers me I have my record expunged but they still get to know anyway kinda sucks. Yes you you can get your bachelors as long as you have your RN it won't be a problem
  5. La Cubanita RN

    Passed NCLEX-RN on 4th try

  6. La Cubanita RN

    I am the wife of a male student nurse and having trouble coping.

    The answer is yes he does need to focus fully on school right now and believe that when he does have a moment between tests I'm sure he will give you the time you want. Don't argue with him about his dedication to school it will be for both your futures and that of your children. This is temporary. My kids and husband basically lost me for 2 years other than summer. Meals weren't as good they all had to pitch in to do laundry and everything else cause I had to focus. It will be alright support him he's stressed and so are you. Just breath and do today
  7. La Cubanita RN

    Nclex Misery

    Probably you didn't pass sorry.
  8. La Cubanita RN

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    Ok good that's what I'm doing I will submit and let the teacher know our topic. I love catching it early
  9. La Cubanita RN

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    Hello quick ? When we start a new class are we responsible for making a new clc agreements or do they post one for us to use.
  10. La Cubanita RN

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    Hello Tokmom I was wondering where can I find "the good list" it's a really long thread I was hoping you might have it handy. Let me know if not and I'll start digging. Thanks on advanced.
  11. La Cubanita RN

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    Just wanted to jump in and say hi:) just finished up my 1st class on to the next one tomorrow. So far I really am enjoying it just had to get into the rhythm. Thanks for all your posts glad to know your all here and hopefully one day later this year I'll be here for others.
  12. La Cubanita RN

    Nclex Misery

    The only thing I can recommend I'm EKGs is to know your basic strips Brady tachy sinus and what to do for them if anything. Math just know conversions and the rest should just flow. Don't stress out on the small stuff if just makes it worse. Focuse on the safety of the patient you'll never know everything. I know that's hard to realize and embrace but it's the truth.
  13. La Cubanita RN

    Nclex Misery

    I hear the NCSBN is great to study when this happens. I'm assuming you did well on Kaplan if so you probably have too much information floating around and are over thinking. The NCSBN is suppose to be what the board recommends and it's cheap good luck
  14. La Cubanita RN

    Nclex Misery

    1st just breath and yes just pay it if you can because it's been more than 24 hours in all likelihood you didn't pass. I known it's hard one of my best friends is going through the same issue and you just have to give yourself a minute and figure out where you went wrong. When you get your letter from the board it will tell you what sections you struggled in. I'm so sorry for your experience but don't give up.
  15. La Cubanita RN

    Best Online Programs under $25k

    Oh almost forgot it takes about 12-13 months and done
  16. La Cubanita RN

    Best Online Programs under $25k

    I'm doing Grand Canyon University since I don't need statistics mine is a total of $17k with stats it's about $18k all inclusive. Very doable and the support of the counselors, teachers and my cohorts is fabulous. Totally love it