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    Denial and appeal process for RN license

    Ok so I was denied my RN license in July 2014 for a criminal convictions from 2001 and 2006. I am currently an LVN and have been practicing for over 3 years. I hired a professional license attorney after receiving the denial from the board, and we submitted an appeal to the board which was received July 21, 2014. The board allowed me to sit and take my boards. I took my NCLEX August 15, and they are holding my results. I got the good pop up...I am currently waiting to hear from the Attorney Generals office regarding my statute of limitations so we can make an agreement. It has been months! I am wondering if anyone else has had to wait for the AG's office and if so how long did it take. What is the time line on how much longer this process should take before I can get my license? So please let me know if anyone else has had a similar circumstance???