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  1. morningglory123

    Denial and appeal process for RN license

    Congratulations!!! Happy you will be able to start working. Can I ask what type of work you will be doing? LTC, Acute/hospital, rehab, etc.?
  2. morningglory123

    Denial and appeal process for RN license

    Did their AG type up a statement of issues for you or did you get an offer directly from the BRN? Was this in CA? Keep us updated on your job search!!
  3. morningglory123

    Application denied by California BRN

    Is it possible to withdraw altogether so that when you apply to another state and are faced with the question, "Have you ever applied and been denied licensure in another state," you could answer "no" truthfully? Does anyone know the answer to this? I'm sure you know this, but just to validate how you probably feel...It is plain unfair and almost unethical to punish someone again for something they did 10 years ago before they ever thought about being a nurse. Further, to subject that person to probationary terms/punishment for the offense(s) they committed that long ago and have since had them formally dismissed by the law and judge (the only way to qualify for this is to have a significant amount of time elapsed since the offense, end of probation, and after abiding by all laws and discipline...which shows the person a rehabilitated and credible member of society) for another 13 years (3 of probation and 10 after of all that stuff attached to your license online) seems more than unfair. It seems unjust. I know the CA BRN is a self regulating body but it seems that there should be some checks and balances or some statute of limitations when it comes to denying/punishing applicants who committed these offenses so long ago. Offenses dismissed under pc 1203.4 or 1210.1 and Certificates of Rehabilitation should hold greater weight. The BRN says that they look at the time that has elapsed, evidence of rehab, dismissals, and Certs. of Rehab., but then they grant many of the very people that have these things and more a probationary license that makes it hard to work. I could go on but many of us have heard this before and it has been talked about here already. A hearing would be several more months of waiting but it may be worth it. Keep us updated. As will I....still waiting for SOI's from AG.
  4. morningglory123

    Application denied by California BRN

    What is an evaluation appointment and what happens then?
  5. morningglory123

    2 previous theft convictions- Am I doomed?

    I don't have experience with the MI BON but if you read around on the forum you will find others with similar history of theft on their records. I would encourage you to continue with school but know that there is a chance the BON could deny you after school in which case you would have to appeal, etc. I would try to beef up your records to show that you wouldn't repeat similar behavior if licensed as an RN (possibly volunteer work, work showing responsibility of others belongings, etc.). Also, if I were you I would contact an attorney before you submit your application and statement saying what you've done and how you are not the same person, etc. I have one now (during the appeal process) but wished I would've had one before submitting my app and statement so as to word things correctly and include just what the BON is looking for. Google license defense attorneys in MI and that may help.
  6. morningglory123

    Recent CA new grad with DUI waiting for ATT

    Hi h3rd. Thanks for including the updated info. This really helps. I hope that you are offered a fair settlement and that the process for you continues to move along (relatively) swiftly. I have a couple of comments to your recent posts. 1) I appreciate you mentioning the updated (2011) BRN doc that includes the Uniform standards related to nurses with substance abuse problems. Were your prior offenses substance related? 2) You mention BRN education requirements for RN's on probation and hint towards BSN/MSN classes satisfying this requirement. I am a bit confused by this... I have thought about pursuing additional schooling while awaiting the appeal process (or after obtaining a probationary license) may help to get a job and also prove character/competence/safety/sobriety. However, I have looked into this at several different schools and most I've seen state that part of the requirements for entry are an unrestricted, unencumbered, etc. RN license without discipline..... It looks like a nurse refreshed course might be an option (although even some of those require an unencumbered license) or even ACLS, PALS, or other CEU type classes. 3) I am also working with DOJ to show that my cases have been "dismissed." I obtained my record and it only shows that ONE of the cases was dismissed pursuant PC 1203.4 when in fact, I had them all dismissed over 5 years ago! I wish I had found this out sooner. The courts where the offense happened are supposed to send that info to the DOJ and the DOJ is supposed to update their records. I would encourage anyone in our situation to obtain a personal copy of your record and get offenses dismissed asap and then follow up a few months later with another livescan DOJ background search request to see if your record shows they've been dismissed. That's all for now. Thanks for documenting your story here, h3rd. It really helps to see someone in real time going through the process like us. I am looking forward to seeing how it will turn out for your and wish you the best! You're definitely showing your diligence here and I am hopeful that all your hard work will pay off in the long run!!
  7. morningglory123

    New-Grad with 2 offers and need help choosing: Tele or ER

    I'd definitely go with choice #1. It just seemed like you wrote it yourself with how many pro's you listed. Doing tele nursing on a med/surg unit is a very good foundation and, like you said, you can later transfer somewhere else if you wished. ER and ICU are specialty areas and you would benefit from having laid a good foundation of assessment, time management, etc. on a med/surg tele floor first. However, you could always start off ER or ICU and do just fine. The learning curve would be greater. But why not start out making a much greater pay and benefits like you mentioned!?!!?
  8. morningglory123

    Recent CA new grad with DUI waiting for ATT

    Hi h3rd, Thank you for the clear and very thorough response. Seems like you've done your homework. And, since you have, you may do well without paying the additional costs of an attorney. I'm in the same boat as you but all my dates are a bit later (app submitted April, denied August, waiting on SOI's). Good luck and please keep us updated! I will do as well!
  9. morningglory123

    NCLEX and licensing with 2 OLD DUI's

    Finished school and received a letter of denial with a waiver form to take NCLEX if I agreed they'd hold my results until a final decision is made regarding license, etc. I registered for a test date and took the NCLEX and the exam shut off at 75! Yeah (I think that's a good thing). Now I wait, continue working on my life and evidence of rehabilitation, and let go of the anxieties of worrying about the outcome.
  10. morningglory123

    Probationary Terms Commonly Offered

    Hello, I was wondering if people who have taken probation from the CA BRN can tell of what terms (1--19) they have been offered, and if those terms need to be abided by throughout the whole three year period.
  11. morningglory123

    Can RNs with probationary licenses find jobs in CA??

    Congratulations!!!! So happy for you both that made it through the appeal and are now looking for jobs! Good luck. I heard it can be hard but keep your head up and do what you can. I recently graduated and had to send in an appeal as well. Come back and post to tell about your success!!
  12. morningglory123

    NCLEX and licensing with 2 OLD DUI's

    Good luck Carl Winslow. I'm in a similar boat - charges between the age of 19-21 and now I'm 31. I'll post if I have a success story.
  13. How about some short and sweet success stories with timelines for people out there who've graduated, applied, were denied, and then appealed with success. Also, share where your at now so those of us in the middle of it can have have hope and be encouraged! I sure need it right now as I'm waiting for statement of issues/response from the AG and beginning to realize what a long road this is for dismissed (1203.4 and 1210.1) convictions that happened almost 10 years ago. Let's hear it! Thank you!!
  14. morningglory123

    Diversion offered to new grads with prior convictions?

    Twoyearnurse - thanks for your response. I appreciate the reminder that "if it wasn't documented it didn't happen." The 1 year re-hab I initially went to in 2005 was documented. My convictions were officially dismissed/expunged (though I know they do not disappear from DOJ searches...obviously) back in 2009. Sadly, I haven't kept 8 years of documented meetings, etc. on record. Now that I know the difficulty of this process and what the BRN wants I am documenting everything!! And might even have to pay to have randomized drug/alcohol screenings to show them I'm serious (after living a sober life for 9+ years) while I'm waiting for my statement of issues & hearing. Sad but may be to my advantage... dagobah - Yes, I am in Socal area and have lots of questions. I just started attending nurse support groups even though not mandated yet (but I know they will help). I took my NCLEX a week ago and BRN wont release my results either until everything cleared...but the test shut off after 75 Q's so I believe I did well. I'd like to connect for more info but I don't have enough posts yet to be able to IM yet...other options? Thanks also to anyone else who has some insight and experience with this!
  15. morningglory123

    HELP! regarding criminal background & nclex results

    I submitted my application in early April along with everything they asked for about my convictions and rehabilitative efforts. I finally received a denial letter in early August (4 months) stating that I could take the NCLEX but they'd conceal my results until the appeal process is over and a decision is made. I hired an experienced licensing attorney, appealed and waiting now for a response from CA BRN (likely 4-6 mos).
  16. Hello. Just graduated nursing school, applied for my license, and was denied because of prior convictions from several years back (yes I disclosed everything, and included everything the BRN wanted - rehab evidence, explanations, court docs, reference letters, etc., etc.). After my research and talks with a several licensing attorneys it looks like I'm facing the standard 3 years probation with public notice on breeze. I've done a lot of research and it looks like this will be a long and painful process. I don't feel that something that was done 10 years ago before someone even thought about being a nurse should be made available for the world to see after that person has done (and continues to do) all the steps that a probation or diversion program would require him/her to do. Does anyone know if the CA BRN diversion program is an option for a new grad that does not have a license yet (i.e. can they give a license, revoke and then reinstate with diversion just like they do with probation?). I would love feedback from some people who have been through this situation.