Probationary Terms Commonly Offered



I was wondering if people who have taken probation from the CA BRN can tell of what terms (1--19) they have been offered, and if those terms need to be abided by throughout the whole three year period.

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most all BON REQUIRE adhearance to any terms the entire time of stipulations or monitoring period


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Well. I would say this. In Ohio some rules could be amended on the contract depending on the situation. You have to have a solid hold on the program: no missed calls, screens, put above average effort into your monthly reports, etc. Jump through the hoops and do so gratefully. My original contract said I was not allowed to be the only RN in the building. Tgen when I got a dialysis job, after a length of time and good behavior I was granted the ability to work afternoons and could be the only RN present. Of course YMMV and I'm in Ohio. A no overtime clause was overturned when I asked for it during a staffing crisis but I had to develop a plan on how I would keep my sobriety first. Or they assign you more meetings per month.

What kinds of terms were you hoping would be overturned?