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Hi nurses,

Maybe you can help me out. I recently was offered a nice job 48 hour days in the birth center, but turned it down cause I was hoping to go to school full time for my BSN. I then E-mailed the director who called me to offer the job and said basically I was going to not take as many classes toward my BSN so that I could now accept the position. On Friday she offered the job and on Saturday I sent the e-mail. Does that sound o.k. or do you think it's going to be uncomfortable now for all parties involved, particularly the director. I had a great interview and they all liked me, but I was freaking about the school thing. Now I see that I can just take a longer, less stressful route to get my BSN, plus have a great job. By the way, I have been an RN since 1994. Thanks for the comments.

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I'm sorry. I am a little confused by your post. You turned down the job, then emailed the director when you realized that you could make it work with your school schedule, so she offered the job to you again and you accepted it.

If the job has been offered to you twice I don't see why that would make anyone uncomfortable. My only concern is that when things get busy with your BSN program that you are able to keep your commitment to your job. You may have to occasionally trade with other nurses if you have school obligations or deadlines that conflict with your job but you should be able to manage.

Sounds to me like you are lucky that she was able to again offer you the job. Do not let your school schedule interfere with the job. Keep the two activities separate and you should be fine. Good luck.

I guess I'm confused to as whether or not they offered you the job the 2nd time. :)

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I am too - confused that is....

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sounds like she was offered the job, refused it, then rescinded the refusal on the next day - so she was not offered the job a second time....

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Well first of all you have to see if they're still offering that position to you. For all you know, they could have placed choice number 2 in there already. Follow up with a call if you really want the job...since they offered, you declined, then rescinded your refusal...but they didn't offer the job have to see if the position is still available. Good luck.

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Sorry, but from a managerial point of view, I do not offer a position more than once.

You're very lucky if they did indeed make you a second offer.

Good Luck

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Have been in the position where a candidate I really wanted was interviewed for a position, hired and scheduled for orientation. The day of orientation she popped up to tell me that she was still interviewing and wasnt sure she wanted the job just yet.

What she may not have realized is that we: 1. really needed her to start ASAP 2. stopped interviewing once we had found our candidate 3.arranged our schedule to suit her requested needs 4. had already had a rather difficult time filling this particular slot. In this case it had been a week since the original offer had been made AND ACCEPTED. It sounds like you only waited a day to recontact. Also this candidate accepted the position, then failed to even show up for orientation, opting instead to just roll in and ask us to wait a little longer. In this case the position was not waiting for her even if she did change her mind.

Point is, the position might still be waiting for you once you have said you don't want it. But it might not. Really it depends on the situation and the managers you are dealing with(some of us have more patients, i mean patience than others).

Hope everything works out for you. Give you kudos for getting right on it and not letting too much time pass before changing your mind. Just be careful, you never want to give an employer the impression that you are not fully committed to the job you are applying for. :cool:

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I went thru similar thing. Applied at another home health as I was not getting enough hrs at present one. Got offered the job and my old company offered me full time Clinical Supervisor if I went to another office, same company. So I thought to stay with same company, after 2 weeks realized horrible mistake, found out that other office was on verge of being shut down. So I called back to other home health, was honest, said I made a mistake, she was nice but said job was filled. I thanked her. # days later she calls to see if I still want job, I say Yes, she says other hire quit. Then an hr later she calls back and says Administrator wants her to check my references, Okay. After another week no one has check any references, so I call and she say well they have offered it to another nurse and she will call me if it is not accepted. Then 3 days later I get call other nurse accepted but she wants to keep my resume. I said fine call me if you get another position.

So it was they offered I said no, called back they offered again, I said yes, then they changed their minds. Serves me right but I still think down the line they may call again as no one got angry or upset. I say it is worth trying but if they say No don't be upset.

Actually years ago I was offered similar job, different state and I was making more money at hospital so I changed my mind then after a week realized hospital was not what I really wanted, so I called back they hired me on the spot and by the time I started they were being bought out and within a month new owners raised my salary 5k more than hospital...

Guess it is a case by case thing, never know tilll you ask!!

Good Luck

Thanks to all you nurses who gave me some advice. It really is an uncomfortable situation...

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All they can do is say no. :)

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