Deathbed visions **UPDATED**


I think one of the most amazing and awesome threads that led me to this site was the huge Deathbed visions thread from 2006 and '08. It was very intriguing hearing all these deathbed vision stories from hospice nurses point of view. Most people don't really believe in afterlife experiences such as OBEs and NDE's. So hearing all of your stories first hand adds an element of realism for those who are extremely skeptic of things like that. And I enjoyed it so much. It really strengthed my faith in God.

Well, I've been waiting for so long to hear and see if anyone has any more deathbed stories to share. So I thought I'd make a new thread for fellow new members and old ones too to post their experiences with their patients having deathbed visions and passing on to the next life. Whatever story you have, new or old, please don't hesitate to post it here. :up:


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Having lost my 22 year old son 8 years ago, I am very interested in all things similar to this topic. I do believe the the after life. I do have some proof.


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I know some people say this is the result of the dying brain shutting down. I don't buy it. I am a Christian and believe in Heaven and Hell. I've seen people who have passed with true looks of terror on their faces. And others have such a peaceful happy expression theres no doubt in my mind it comes from their family meeting them at the gates of Heaven.


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the article wasn't raining on anything, I don't think - it talks about how the near death experiences are real, describes a few commonly reported NDEs, and why some people experience them.


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Mines is not a "deathbed" experience.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I had originally went to the doctor for a lump in my breast that grew overnight, really... Ironically when I left the doctors office I felt a "presence" that told me I had cancer, but I was going to survive it and be better as a result of it. There was a peace that immediately filled me that I could not explain.

At the time I also had a large fibroid in my pelvic area. So, the gyn decided to go in and get the fibroid prior to the biopsy, he found ovarian cancer while in there. After having the hysterectomy and getting the confirmation that the cancer in my ovaries was contained there and no further treatment was needed I then went for a biopsy for the lump in my breast. It also was cancerous and was of an aggressive strain, it was HER2+.

To make a long story short, after two major surgiries, to minor surgies, 6 months of chemo and 1 year of monocolonal therapy I am still here. Just like the presence said. My feeling is that it was the spirit of God and I feel that because through all of that I never experienced any fear, anxiety or stress. There was a peace that I could not explain. Everyone around me was concerned that the emotional impact would come to a head all at once and I would just breakdown. It did not happen, yes I struggled with the physical aspects but my spirit was not broken. That kind of strength, calm, or whatever it was did not come from me. Something beyond me gave me the ability to make it through. That's my spill, thanks for listening.


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Wow, Eagle78, you have really been through a wringer.

Cancer is about a weakened immune system -- our bodies have a certain number of cancer cells all the time and a healthy immune system keeps them under control. When we have a lot of exposure to negative energies on a spiritual level (constant negative media mind control, personal stress from work or family and other cultural influences) and physical level (pollution from chemicals, electromagnetic fields, drug-tainted public water supplies, poor diet/food drink choices, etc) that we don't think about in our day-to-day lives but which have significant effects on us spiritually and physically over time. Our immune systems become overwhelmed and cancer cells take over and start growing out of control until we pull ourselves together again on many levels. That can happen -- there are many cancer survivors with many wonderful stories and much healthier attitudes toward life and the meaning of life after their experiences. And even those who don't survive leave behind many lessons for their families and those who love them.

There is a higher force looking out for you, guiding you and giving you strength, whether you want to call it God or Jesus or Buddha or Allah or whatever, it is there and it loves you and is clearly helping you through your cancer challenge. Listen for the messages from this journey. Prayers for your healing. I wish you the highest good and best outcome for you. :flwrhrts:

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I've got one for ya. This was a few years ago when I was in school. We were doing clinicals at the hospital and there was a code blue called. Well of course all of us students get right in there to see what it is like for a real CODE BLUE. The nurse in pumping away on this pt's chest and everyone files in. After several minutes I feel a presence right behind me. I look and there is no one there. I still feel the presence and so I look at the pt and realize who it is. I bowed my head at this point and prayed to God to accept this poor soul to his arms. Immediately the presence was gone and within a minute the MD called it.

I still kind of get the heebee jeebees when I think about it.

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I work in long term care and have seen my share of deaths.

We were in Helen's room. She was a cranky old Southern woman, but we all liked her. She was getting sicker by the day. One afternoon the aide came out and said "You better come in here." So a few of us went in basically to say goodbye.

Her blood pressure was falling, her pulse was weak and thready, she was gray. She was looking up at the corner of the ceiling...nodding her head and saying "I'll be right along." I asked her who she was talking to. She told me it was her mom and dad and the archbishop. Then she asked one of us to take her hand and make the sign of the cross for her since she was too weak to move. She then looked to the other side of the room and said, "Oh, okay" Who are you talking to now I asked her. She looked right at me and said, "It was the Great One. He told me there are still people here who need me." The color returned to her face, her blood pressure came up, her pulse normalized. We were all standing there with tears streaming down our cheeks. She recovered and lived for 5 more years.

Don't tell me it's only a chemical reaction. I KNOW what I saw and I know what I believe.


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Thanks guys for all the responses so far. I read them all and I'm intrigued. But what I'm looking for is more hospice nurse stories about your patients. If there are any here, describe your dying patients last days and words. Usually the result I've read is the person experiencing pure joy or pure terror at their moment of death. Seeing angels, demons, past families, and friends for days up until that time. Describe situations like this if you can please. Thanks!

Thanks CapeCodMermaid! Your story is exactly what I was looking for! Simply amazing!! And I think she was talking to Jesus!


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He was there. You just didn't see him. Always remember that when you feel them, they are there. Your eyes and conscious mind can't see them, but your spirit can.