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  1. Words You Hate

  2. Deathbed visions **UPDATED**

    When it ain't your time, it ain't your time, by Golly!!
  3. Home Health RN going back to hospital setting.

    I'm in upstate NY (WAAY north of NYC) and where I work FT case manager salaries range from 70-80K or more DOE. So, I can't complain. The money and benefits meet my needs. You may want to do something like what inadvertently happened to me -- I ac...
  4. Deathbed visions **UPDATED**

    He was there. You just didn't see him. Always remember that when you feel them, they are there. Your eyes and conscious mind can't see them, but your spirit can.
  5. Deathbed visions **UPDATED**

    Wow, Eagle78, you have really been through a wringer. Cancer is about a weakened immune system -- our bodies have a certain number of cancer cells all the time and a healthy immune system keeps them under control. When we have a lot of exposure to...
  6. Home Health RN going back to hospital setting.

    I went back to a hospital bedside job after 10 yrs working first in a hospital (4 yrs) then in hospice, home care and field case management and found some sample medication tests online just by googling several terms -- that was 8 yrs ago, so I don't...
  7. Scared of MD

    Good for you!!! Love it! Wish I could do that! I'm only barely 5' tall, but I'm gonna start standing on chairs & do what you do, dammit!!
  8. The Problem with Nursing

    I think you need to finish your program and get some more experience under your belt before judging an entire profession based on your limited experience. There is, indeed, a lot of dysfunction in the nursing profession due to a complicated historic...
  9. How Will Universal Health Care Change Nursing?

    Swift Boat Propaganda:down: Don't look at that man behind the curtain. "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." ... Albert Einstein
  10. How Will Universal Health Care Change Nursing?

    OK. You are right, he is perfectly OK with how things are in this country right now. But I don't think my statement was rude. He is anti-government & anti-change and offers no productive solutions to the desperate problems that so many of us a...
  11. How Will Universal Health Care Change Nursing?

    Our health should not be treated as a commodity ("market") to be exploited for corporate profits. Please specify what "failed government policies" have destroyed our "health care market". Health care should not be a "market" where our health and ...
  12. How Will Universal Health Care Change Nursing?

    No one said HR676 is not federally funded. It is. Our taxes are federal funds and are supposed to be used in ways that benefit all of us, not just corporate entities. And yes, it is an expansion of Medicare to cover everyone. Many things would cha...
  13. How Will Universal Health Care Change Nursing?

    universal health care is not "socialized medicine", whatever "socialized medicine" means. universal health care means everyone has access to care without financial barriers. early access to primary care prevents medical conditions from worsen...
  14. How Will Universal Health Care Change Nursing?

    The answer: HR676 = it is a WELL THOUGHT OUT PLAN -- please read it: PLease also look here to see what some nurses have to say:
  15. How Will Universal Health Care Change Nursing?

    I hope you don't lose your job or health insurance because of what your insurance company may deem a "pre-existing condition" or deny payment for "experimental treatment". Glad you are happy with what you have and that you are OK with a FOR PROFIT i...