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  1. In my hospital there is one floor outside of the unit that will take a Patient on the ventilator and a different floor that will take someone with an arterial line (usually waiting on blood to thicken after heart cath to pull the line). I work on the...
  2. From a student, to, hospital floor nurses...

    I will do my own vitals, my own code browns, and whatever else patient care needs done because it is my job. And you may need to take a look at how you come across because if it's the same way you come across here I'd prefer you not take my patients.
  3. Ok my dad takes a pretty large dose of neurontin. I think like 300mg tid. He had a wreck about 10 years ago and broke his back and the neurontin helps the tingling in his legs. Well two weeks ago he had a CABG. He was on IV morphine for about 12 hour...
  4. Deathbed visions **UPDATED**

    I know some people say this is the result of the dying brain shutting down. I don't buy it. I am a Christian and believe in Heaven and Hell. I've seen people who have passed with true looks of terror on their faces. And others have such a peaceful ha...
  5. I want a new stethoscope. I work in cardiac/tele and was thinking of either getting thr master cardiology or the cardiology iii. I currently use the Littmann classic. Any advice or recommendations?
  6. I graduated in May and took a job working days on a very busy 42 bed telemetry unit. I have been so worried about experienced nurses being unfriendly and unwilling to help. I had always heard that nurses ate their young and experienced this in nursi...
  7. white underwear under white scrub bottoms?

    Maybe try white boy short undies!
  8. How can I keep my scrubs from fading?

    Yeah some hospital smells aren't pleasant and I feel like they just soak into my clothes so I'll continue to use detergent!
  9. All of my scrubs are Cherokee flexibles. I really want to keep these looking nice and not faded. What's the best way to wash and dry them so that they stay the same color? I thought maybe washing in cold and then hang drying.
  10. How do nurses really feel about CNA/PCTs?

    With out their help we would drown. A good aid is worth her/his weight in gold. I do not take them forgranted. As long as you work hard and stay within your scope of practice you shouldn't have any problems with the nurses.
  11. Can I carry my own pulse ox?

    You bring up a point I hadn't thought of, liability.
  12. Can I carry my own pulse ox?

    I thought about that too.
  13. Can I carry my own pulse ox?

    I work on a busy cardiac telemetry unit. Our pulse ox tends to disappear frequently. Several nurses hoard them and hide them for themselves. So when my pt starts complaining of SOB or CP I have to spend precious time hunting a pulse ox down. I found ...