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Dear preceptor


Ok, so this is a vent. I apologize for the length of this post. Please note that this is not meant to be a general statement of my opinion on a whole group of people. Don't flame me. I'm mad and tired and don't have anyone else to tell.

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Dear preceptor

Dear preceptor.. I came to you smiling, full of energy and ready to tackle the last leg of my orientation journey, with your guidance of course. I haven't really gotten any inclination on where that guidance is at. You tell me what patients to take, and I take them. Then when I am at the bedside, communicating with the family (you know that rapport thing?), you decide that it is a great time to tell me *not to touch the patient*, or the machines for that matter unless you are there. What? I did not fall off of the nursing school wagon yesterday. I am new to your facility, but not a new grad. I did get a smug sense of satisfaction when the family told you it was fine and I was handling things.

I see that you do not have any intention of assessing my skill level or evaluating areas in which I need assistance. In your eyes, I have no skill level or even brain stem function because every action on my part is met by you with some sort of resistance or interrogation. You cant wait for me to come out of the bathroom before you call the doc... making me look like some sort of fool that cant call the doctor. Lo and behold the toilet flushes and I am greeted with 75 orders, all of which you *write* but make me *do*. Although I am a critical care nurse, and am comfortable with bedside procedures, it is *imperative * on your part to ensure that I am educated on sterile fields and how to open packages. That makes me feel so great, especially with the doc at the bedside.

Precepting with you has given me a great opportunity to practice dealing with "the cold shoulder, being aloof and unapproachable." I *know* that you aren't any of those things, just preparing me for when I run into someone who is. Thanks! I am now well versed in forced conversation, fake enthusiasm, and being lonely but not alone.

I have been practicing my mental, telepathic and psychic abilities... seeing as how there isn't any verbal interaction between us, its time to take it up a notch. *places fingertips to temples* Can you hear me now?

Here is an interesting thought. You breeze in, tell me how the lights have to be like this, and these lines need to be like this and so on. I am respectful of those requests. I like things a certain way too.. try to be mindful of that. The road goes both ways here. The same goes for documentation. Maybe you could ask me why I wrote a certain thing before you scratch it out and write error... although all the extra embellishments make my flow sheet look freakin fantastic, right?

When I ask you about something, especially when its a policy and the rationale for not following it... I just love when you get mean and flash those *knowing* looks to all your friends at the desk.

Precepting with you has been quite the experience, and as life goes, all things must come to an end. Now that our journey is finished, know that I will *never* forget you.

Love, your preceptee

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PostOpPrincess, BSN, RN

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That's too bad. I wouldn't want this person either.

Bless your heart. I have been in your shoes. I have been on my own since April and my preceptor was less than ideal, I expected more instruction, less negativity. For what it is worth, the experience has made me a better nurse and I grow stronger as a nurse every day. Hugs to you. And may you never forget this experience, because one day you will be a preceptor and you will do outstanding because you know what not to do now.


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So disheartening to frequently hear on this site how many nurses struggle with such pathetic, controlling...broads, such as this preceptor, in our profession. They truly sully the comraderie that should exist between nurses. I have been fortunate not to have worked with people like this.


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And the shackles are off, the iron ball is a thing of the past, go Ivanna, go.

:yeah: :cheers:

Ivanna_Nurse, BSN, RN

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And the shackles are off, the iron ball is a thing of the past, go Ivanna, go.

:yeah: :cheers:

Look out! I'm goin!

Shrugging**** Wow I got chills while reading your post..god why nurses have to eat their young so much!

I am so sorry you have not had an ideal experience with your preceptor. I have been so lucky with my preceptor. She had been an RN for over 30 years and has been one of the nicest and most helpful preceptors that you could ever want. She even apologized to me today, because she thought she did not teach me anything today. I had 2 discharges and one admit at the same time while trying to give report at shift change. She took the admit and even did the ECF paperwork for the discharges. There are great preceptors out there and I was lucky enough to have one of them. I don't know what I would have done if I had someone like you did. Hang in there. Hopefully your preceptor will not get the chance to beat down anyone else.


Specializes in LTC, Memory loss, PDN. Has 23 years experience.

Shrugging**** Wow I got chills while reading your post..god why nurses have to eat their young so much!

Just a wag - the only way they can feel accomplished.

ohmeowzer RN, RN

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is nurse ratchet precepting now?

I loved the OP wording:redbeathe You took an unfavorable situation and put humor to it. :up::up::up::up:

Laughter truly is the BEST medicine. I was laughing so hard at the end of your post:loveya::loveya::loveya::loveya:

In nursing school, during some clinicals, some of the nurses assigned to the pts. I was assigned to, were absolute B's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, there was only 1-2 during my 2yrs of clinicals. As you said, thankyou for showing/teaching me how NOT to be/act.

Loved your post. Good luck in your new job

Turtle in scrubs

Has 10 years experience.

Thankfully not all preceptors are like this. Unfortunately far too many are. I just don't get it myself. Sorry you had to deal with this. It sounds like your new place is in great need of of a positive change to the unit culture. Perhaps you are just the person to break the cycle of and provide that positive change! Best of luck to you :specs: