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  1. tolerantgirl

    If you can say one thing to your boss, what would it be?

    1. Can we please have the supplies we need to do our job? 2. Can you please hire more help to answer the phones, instead of coming to the nurses as they are providing care and telling them to answer the phone. 3. When you ask me to work another shift and I say no, do not interrogate me as to why I can't work. No is no. It's none of your business what I do on my day off. If I want to sit home in my pjs all day and eat oreos, it is my business, not yours. 4. Please come out from hiding in your office and see what really takes place day to day. 5. Try saying something positive to your staff once in a while. 6. I know part of your job is kissing up to administration, but have some backbone and stand up for your nurses.
  2. I took report from a nurse who reported to me that she gave prn pain medications, but when I went to give the pain medication, I noticed the prn medication was not documented ( was not scanned). I checked to see if the medication had been removed and it had. I told my charge nurse and she told me to chart the medication for her and chart that she had given it. Is this ok to do? And how long do you have to make corrections to a medication record, computer or paper?
  3. tolerantgirl

    Feeling So Defeated

    Yes, I feel as though I am being set up to fail as well. I am constantly worried on my days off that I have made a mistake and that I am going to lose my license. It is really affecting my home life. I am completely miserable. I have asked if I could go to nights, but was told to "suck it up." I have expressed my concerns of being behind and getting out on time, but no one seems to listen. I have asked if I should transfer to another unit less stressful such as med surg, but was told no. I really have doubt in my mind as to continuing to work there. I think it's ok to admit it is overwhelming and to make some changes. I do think that continuing to work at this facility is a mistake because I have floated to every floor as a secretary and everyone, including the physicians still see me as a secretary. Not only do I do my own orders, but I do other nurse's orders too because some nurses couldn't put an order in the computer if it saved their life. We only have one secretary and she has the whole unit and many times we only have one charge nurse, and sometimes I never even see the charge nurse until the end of the shift. I was told to ask for help more and I have, but when I call and ask for help, I am told they are busy. I even have had to leave my patients and get my blood from the blood bank because I couldn't find anyone to go for me and this was my first day off orientation with 2 vented patients. Please don't think I am a whiner and that I don't like to work hard because I do. I want to be successful. I just don't think this is the environment that will help me. I hope I can find a job somewhere else. I hope I didn't waste all those years in nursing school.
  4. tolerantgirl

    Feeling So Defeated

    I am coming here to vent because I really need to talk to someone. And I am crying as I sit here and type this. I really try hard to be a good nurse. I had a crashing patient when I walked in on Friday and got the patient through it and stable (as stable as one could be on a ventilator). I had the same family for 3 days. I answered all their questions. I was at the bedside at every visiting time to answer their questions. I had another patient that was busy as well and I feel I juggled both adequately. At first, the family was nice and thankful, but then the last day, they questioned everything I did. I felt like they were suggesting that I wasn't caring for the patient. I work in the ICU and I am a new nurse, at least a 1 yr and a half of being a nurse. I have made 3 med errors which did not result in patient harm, thank God. Med errors were from medications not being put on patient's profile because I missed the order. I need to tell you that I was the unit clerk in this ICU for 8 years prior to becoming a nurse. I do my own orders. I rarely get help because everyone knows I am capable so I feel like I am doing 2 jobs. I am always getting out late. I constantly here other nurses say how new nurses should never come to the ICU. My own director still continues to say this, especially after an error. She said to me " This is why I was against you coming to the ICU." I feel like she is waiting for me to fail to say "I told you so." I feel I have no confidence in myself or that anyone else has confidence in me. I have been told that if I make 2 more errors, I will have to go to peer review. I am scared to death I will lose my license. I spend my week off in complete fear that I have made a mistake. I am truly miserable and I don't know what to do. Maybe nursing is not for me.
  5. tolerantgirl

    med errors

    Thank you for all of the advice. I am going to learn from this and move on. I am going to not look at this in a negative light. I did the right thing by being accountable for my mistake and I know now that I should have varianced myself even though I was told not to. I am not going to be so trusting from now on. I am also going to research what lead me to make the error and ways to prevent that from happening again. I am going to be the best nurse I can be and I will continue to be an honest nurse as well. I am glad I have a place to go where I can talk to others and receive helpful advice:)
  6. tolerantgirl

    med errors

    Not really. I told the charge nurse and supervisor and the supervisor said not to worry about it but then told charge nurse to write it up a week later.
  7. tolerantgirl

    med errors

    I was wondering what some of you would think regarding this matter. If someone made a med error and they were honest about and told the the person in charge and charge nurse and was told that they would not be written up but then was written up two weeks later, what would you think of that? Especially if the person that made the mistake, wanted to write themselves up but was told there was no need to. I am so disappointed because I was honest and took accountability for my actions, but then was lied to. Not upset that I was written up, but upset that I was told not to and to basically forget it. I don't perceive that as being honest.
  8. tolerantgirl

    Hostile work environment

    Do you work in a hostile work environment? Do you work around someone who is always negative and criticizes you? I have had this experience. I asked for help when I realized I didn't have the right supplies at the bedside ( the physician wanted something different than I had) and the charge nurse repeatedly criticized me saying "It's your responsibility to have the supplies ready." And in the morning, when all the nurses in my pod were in their rooms, the alarms kept going off on the monitor and the charge nurse said to me " Do you know what a triple beep is." in a sarcastic tone, but never said anything to the other nurses and then threatened to have me written up for not leaving my room and going out to the desk to look at the monitor. I can't work like this. How do you resolve the situation?
  9. tolerantgirl

    Saying No

    I am a people pleaser and I would have to say it is my biggest weakness. And then I am miserable that I said "yes" when I really wanted to say "no". I like my days off and I feel that when I am rested and go back to work, that I am a better nurse. And my kids are important to me and time is flying by so fast. I want to savor every moment, because I can't get these years back. Thanks for the advice and listening:)
  10. tolerantgirl

    Saying No

    Learning to say no when asked to work overtime is hard. When I work extra my child suffers because I have no way for him to get home from school when he stays for sports or tutoring. He has even missed games and tutoring because I say yes all the time . This time I said no. I don't need the money, I want to be home on my days off with my family. Does this get easier saying no?
  11. tolerantgirl

    Which phone pda or PDA are you using in the ER

    We are also not allowed to have PDA's on our unit (Critical Care) and internet access is locked to nurses. This doesn't make sense.
  12. tolerantgirl

    Insensitive managers...

    Hugs. Why as nurses are we so insensetive towards one another?
  13. tolerantgirl

    Nurse practitioner

    Is it uncommon for someone to have am interest in family nurse practitioner and psych nurse practitioner and also want to receive an MSN in education? Do you know of any nurses with FNP, Psych NP, MSN Ed? Just wondering because these are all fields I have an interest in.
  14. tolerantgirl

    Forgetting to write an order

    Thank you for all your words of wisdom. This has been a learning experience and I am going to make sure the doctors write their verbal orders if they are there. The idea about carrying an order on my clipboard is a great one and I plan to do that now. You all have made me feel so much better and that is why I come here- to vent and to receive great advice. Thank you.
  15. tolerantgirl

    SIGH.....You know, it just never fails.

    Your story brought a smile to my face as I sit here considering whether I should quit nursing or not. I haven't even made it a whole year yet. And then I remembered that a patient's wife hugged me last week and said thank you. Thank you for sharing:)
  16. tolerantgirl

    Forgetting to write an order

    Yes, I hate cleaning up after everyone else. I feel like I take care of everyone else more than I take care of the patient and that makes me sad and disappointed. Another thing I hate, is that doctors are always in a hurry and if you don't do things fast enough, they become aggravated. If everyone would just slow down a little and think about what we are doing. As far as the bad narc count goes, I don't think there is one. I took the medication out under the patient's name and then scanned that medication to that patient. So there is documentation that the patient received the med, but I don't know if the doctor wrote the order afterwards and of course this pops into my mind at 0330 A.M. I really am thinking about quitting nursing, I just can't believe I wasted all those years in school. I feel so defeated:(