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10 Days 'Til Spring Semester! ~ What Are You Taking?

I'm actually excited to get this semester going!

I'll be taking my PCT (Patient Care Technician) course and Biology.

At my school you either have to be a CNA or PCT to be accepted into the nursing program. So, I decided to go the way of PCT since we'll be taught to start IVs and insert and remove caths, etc. I plan on volunteering at my local hospital once a week, after this semester, to gain experience. Hopefully making it a little more comfortable for me when I get into the nursing program.

I already bought all of my books, scrubs, stethoscope and other supplies need for this class. I was so excited...like I'm actually working towards something, LOL!

So what are you all taking this semester?

Good Luck

I have another month until Spring classes start and I'm enjoying every moment ;) But once it starts, I'm taking:

Intro to Allied Health (prereq for AP I&II)

College Algebra

Achoo!, LPN

Specializes in Urgent Care.

I'll be taking

Nursing Fundamentals

Nursing skills

Intro to Clinical practice

I start January 18 and I will be taking PSY 101, BIO 181, and Math (pre-algebra). I can't wait because school is all I will be doing and I only have 2 more days of work!!!!!

I am taking college algebra that starts the week of the 17th. How much fun, I will have =]

I start on the 9th of Jan and I'll be taking A&P2, Chemistry, Devel. Psych and Sociology....And I'm looking forward to going Per Diem @ my job so I can study as much as possible.

My spring semester starts on Jan the 9th. I will be taking A&P I, College Comp I, and Yoga.

I am taking Microbiology/Pathology

I will be taking sociology and A&PII


A&P II and Microbiology of Infectious Disease

Wow you all start late! I start Wed.! But I'm excited.. I actually already started my A&P 2 a few days ago just to get ahead...

I'm taking:

A&P 2 (16 weeks long-but can finish as quick as I want)

Nutrition (16 weeks long)

English 1101 (6 weeks long)

Am. History (6 weeks long)

and I may take another 6 week course the second part of the semester.. Just depends on how things go :)

Time goes by so fast when you are having fun! I am taking Microbiology, Nursing 100, and Nutrition.

Hey Jess, when does your semester start? :) I feel like you just finished! lol


(Mine starts the 17th)

Hist 1301 (runs til Feb 17th)


Chemistry I

State and Local Govt.

Health and Fitness (core curriculum)

World Literature

That's a combination of nursing pre-reqs, and core reqs for the bsn



Specializes in med-surg.

Either Chem 1 or A&P 1.

I'm starting Jan.16! I can use the time off though!

I'm taking:



Human Development

Intro to Lit


Nursing Seminar II

17 credit hours!!! I'm getting as much in as possible.


Specializes in Medical/Surgical, L&D, Postpartum.

i start january 17th and i will be taking:

A&P II and History 117a

i'm trying not ot take too much because Anatomy and Physiology will require all of my study time!!!!

Right now my schedule looks like this:

Psychology 100

Nursing 100

Logic & Critical Thinking

Intermediate Algebra

I'm gonna try to petition and get these classes:

Psychology 100



Intermediate Algebra

Hey Jess, when does your semester start? :) I feel like you just finished! lol


(Mine starts the 17th)

Can you believe my semester ended Dec. 23rd? I think I was one of the few. I start the 9th ;)


suzy253, RN

Specializes in Telemetry/Med Surg.

Back to nursing school: senior year--last 5 months & counting. :eek: :eek:

Nursing 300

Nursing Management & Leadership

Critical Care Nursing


:eek: :chair: :eek:

sorry peeps--just realized this is in pre-nursing thread

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