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  1. okie2

    10 Days 'Til Spring Semester! ~ What Are You Taking?

    A&P II and Microbiology of Infectious Disease
  2. okie2

    insulin-is my instructor full of it??

    I am referring to Humulin/Human insulin / derived from recombinant dna in E coli. He said that Europe, in general, had issues with GM products- so they use the pork or beef derived insulin more than the "human". Hope this is more clear- Thanks for the references. I've only peeked at them but there's a lot of info- :)
  3. I am in pre-nursing and taking clinical calculations- my instructor said that the UK doesn't use Human insulin as much as the US due to the genetic engineering of bacteria required to produce it. Is this true? or is he full of it?? Anyone know where I might find specific #s? Thanks.
  4. okie2

    NET test score

    I have a small Review Book called : "Study Guide for the NET, the HOBET, and HELP Entrance Tests". I haven't taken the NET yet but hear it's straight from this book. ISBN 0967544645 it's put out by Educational Resources Inc.
  5. okie2

    Post the grades already!

    way to go! keep up the good work!
  6. okie2

    NET test score

    My program requires a minimum of 72 on the NET. Sounds like you did well- congrats!!
  7. okie2

    found the "weeding out" class

    Gosh- I'm nervous about doing it in 16 weeks- you guys are brave to do it in 8!!
  8. okie2

    Post the grades already!

    That drives me nuts too- last semester I couldn't even get on the stupid school site! I guess everyone was hitting it at the same time. Good Luck!!
  9. okie2

    found the "weeding out" class

    OOOOOH poor Jerry! Pharm in the summer- that's too short! It's gotta be tough-hang in there! Good luck everyone- let's all stick together- we'll make it!
  10. okie2

    51 to old ?

    I am 36- 2 kiddos, hubby. I know, it's not old. but I wanted to share. I have begun this second career with inspiration from my beautiful Mother. I lost her 5 years ago (she was 54)-& it seems like yesterday. She went back and got a Masters in school counseling at the age of 50! I was in awe of her dedication, and I'll never forget her face when they handed her that degree! When things get tough, or I'm unsure, I picture how happy and proud she was. AND how fulfilling her work became. Go for it!!!
  11. I'm pre-nursing @ Oklahoma City Community College aka "O triple C" I love it! It has a very diverse student body which is great for me, the thirty-something mom of 2. I am applying in March- can't wait til Fall 06!!
  12. Just wanted to wish you the best for Friday ( or whenever the little one decides to arrive :) Congrats! BTW I think pregnant and sick is a proper excuse- I'd use it:) Good Luck!
  13. okie2

    Admission rant...just blabbing

    very true- everything you said. I wonder what happens to the people that don't get in each semester? I've met some that have tried before and are still in school to bump their gpa and points. Others are doing another Associate's while they get these classes done. AND it's wierd that you can't really apply to other schools as "back up" because they all have their own special point system. You may have a high ranking at one but not at another. If I apply to another CC just to cover by bases, I can't compete because they award points for all classes taken at their school- so even with a BS, 27 new hours of support courses, and a 4.0 GPA- I wouldn't get in Crazy? ya pretty much!
  14. okie2

    found the "weeding out" class

    I have Pharmacology this fall! I'm sure it will be the same story there. Actually, you have to complete "clinical calculations" to even get in the class- so I've seen a huge drop in Pharm enrollment already- people expected to do calc this summer :) Yep- you gotta make at least B for it to count for anything. I've started reading for it already- and I don't start until August 26th! AND Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement!!
  15. Hey- just wanted to rant about how things have changed. I feel sorry for kids just coming out of high school and wanting to do nursing- they're in for some tough competition and there is no easy way around it. I happen to be one of the non-traditional students adding to the competition- sorry. The Nursing program at my CC used to be a 2 year deal- with the first summer pre-reqs (intro to nursing & clinical calcs). You met minimum requirement like high school gpa, NET scores, and compass (like ACT) scores, and you were placed on the list. I had a few friends go thru this program 15-20 years ago. They walked in- and out 2.5 years later with the AAS/ RN. NOW- it's completely different. Because of the preference point system, everyone is taking more pre-reqs and support courses- which used to be taken within the program. (Some of the schools won't publish their point systems to avoid people just working for the points) For example: we get 2 pts each for up to 3 science courses (A&P, Micro, Chem) 1 pt for med term, 2 pts for pharmacology, and 1 pt for any certification like CNA. (there are other pts too) SO.....everyone takes these classes plus all general education to bump their gpa & points BEFORE applying. To stand a chance, you have to take them too. GPA and test scores award you a certain # of pts- but not enough. There are usually 250 applicants each semester for 55 spots. Last spring the minimum pts accepted was 18 (24 possible). It has gone up Every semester- last fall it was 15!! It really can take a while to attain the points needed just to apply- I have a friend taking 16 hours this summer so he can apply for spring enterance! I plan to apply in March for fall- I have to be on days (alternate semester entry would be evening classes) I will have 22 points and all my support courses finished, I'll only need the core nursing courses. Most of my friends will have at least 20 pts too--up it goes again. PLUS- we will only need nursing classes- making competition higher within the program too if we aren't trying to do a full load every semester-true??? Anyway- just wanted to blab about it- Anyone else see a change? I hope all the extra effort and classes are contributing to students being better prepared-and not just adding up points. BUT we sure learn a lot before ever stepping foot into the program.