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Hey- just wanted to rant about how things have changed. I feel sorry for kids just coming out of high school and wanting to do nursing- they're in for some tough competition and there is no easy way around it. I happen to be one of the non-traditional students adding to the competition- sorry.

The Nursing program at my CC used to be a 2 year deal- with the first summer pre-reqs (intro to nursing & clinical calcs). You met minimum requirement like high school gpa, NET scores, and compass (like ACT) scores, and you were placed on the list. I had a few friends go thru this program 15-20 years ago. They walked in- and out 2.5 years later with the AAS/ RN.

NOW- it's completely different.

Because of the preference point system, everyone is taking more pre-reqs and support courses- which used to be taken within the program. (Some of the schools won't publish their point systems to avoid people just working for the points) For example: we get 2 pts each for up to 3 science courses (A&P, Micro, Chem) 1 pt for med term, 2 pts for pharmacology, and 1 pt for any certification like CNA. (there are other pts too) SO.....everyone takes these classes plus all general education to bump their gpa & points BEFORE applying. To stand a chance, you have to take them too. GPA and test scores award you a certain # of pts- but not enough. There are usually 250 applicants each semester for 55 spots.

Last spring the minimum pts accepted was 18 (24 possible). It has gone up Every semester- last fall it was 15!! It really can take a while to attain the points needed just to apply- I have a friend taking 16 hours this summer so he can apply for spring enterance! I plan to apply in March for fall- I have to be on days (alternate semester entry would be evening classes) I will have 22 points and all my support courses finished, I'll only need the core nursing courses. Most of my friends will have at least 20 pts too--up it goes again. PLUS- we will only need nursing classes- making competition higher within the program too if we aren't trying to do a full load every semester-true???

Anyway- just wanted to blab about it- Anyone else see a change?

I hope all the extra effort and classes are contributing to students being better prepared-and not just adding up points. BUT we sure learn a lot before ever stepping foot into the program.


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It does seem crazy. On the one hand, they have *very prepared* students going into the program. On the other hand, there's many more *very prepared* students who took a whole lot of classes for nothing if they don't get into a nursing program, or if it takes so long that they give up and go do something else.

Not that learning is ever "for nothing," but school (and the time it takes to go to school and study) is expensive - it's a shame if you can't use it. :stone


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very true- everything you said. I wonder what happens to the people that don't get in each semester? I've met some that have tried before and are still in school to bump their gpa and points. Others are doing another Associate's while they get these classes done.

AND it's wierd that you can't really apply to other schools as "back up" because they all have their own special point system. You may have a high ranking at one but not at another. If I apply to another CC just to cover by bases, I can't compete because they award points for all classes taken at their school- so even with a BS, 27 new hours of support courses, and a 4.0 GPA- I wouldn't get in :(

Crazy? ya pretty much!


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This sounds a lot like my CC and its a very competitive field. I know a guy who said he's done with school because he has all the prerequites but can't get in. But at my school if you at least apply they will award you 10 points, which is good but I dont know Im stressing about it but hopefully I will get in next year.


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I know exactly what you mean. I applied to a lot of schools and only got accepted into ONE!!! It happened to be the one where I took 90% of the classes. It is really tough to get in. I also had all of my pre-reqs done. I know of a girl who had a 4.0 and had only ONE pre-req left and didn't get in. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't get in my first try. I feel sorry for those who are done everything and just waiting around. It's sad because they really want it but how long can they wait? Their lives are basically on hold because they can't make long term goals like starting a family. I told a friend I got in and she was just like, "Oh...good". My husband then said, "she must have no idea how hard it is to get in"!

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I go to a CC as well, and I actually wish that they made you finish some of those courses first. I have all of my pre-req's done ( at the end of summer) and I still may have to wait another year and a half because of the wait list.

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Same at my school. There are points for GPA, residency (you have to live within the service area of the CC to even be considered!), score on the Health Aptitude, and # of pre reqs taken, as well as points if you have a state certified CNA/EMR. Newbies straight out of high school stand almost NO CHANCE of getting in unless they have great grades in high school and took some classes at the CC at night. There are 26 slots and 250 people going for them. The odds are astounding. Once in, you have to stay in....

Scary huh?

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I think the points system would suck! We are chosen on our High school rank, current GPA and compass scores. We had so many applicants this year , that our program started a new winter term entrance to accomodate everyone. (before we only entered in the summer term) We are lucky! Hey, if anyone's interested in moving to southern Iowa...IHCC has a nice program with no waiting!

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It is such a frustrating situation I can agree. My college is the same way, it keeps changing it's admissions requirements more than they bathe! (figure of speech not literal)

Anyhow, we have to take everything before even attempting to fill out the application (used to be you could take the sciences and the gen eds were taken along with clinicals)

The NLN score minimum has been raised. Also, you get a point for every class you take there. So, lets say you transfered or went to a Community college and took courses there you'd get no points. Plus, the tuition went up to $450.00 a credit (can you say ouch!!). That is not including books, lab fees, parking etc.

Plus, there is a policy that states that you cannot take any courses elsewhere while attending there. Many ppl have tried it and they would not accept their credits.

There is not much of school options in my neck of the woods. The CC have a brutal waiting list and basically the same problem. I had to settle for this (its a great school don't get me wrong, but has a screwed up policy).....since I have decided that my dream is much more powerful than this.

Mind you that the college goes by a point system. A point for every class you take THERE, NLN score, experience, 3 letters of reference, personal essay and volunteer work. etc....

BUT (most importantly) I have seen and met many students who somehow have filtered through with very little points (took mostly everything at the CC at $88 a credit...hence the huge difference)......and have accepted them into the program and people who have taken all the classes there on a waiting list :rolleyes:

You may be asking yourself why big why Q?

Yes, you guessed talks BS walks. So happens that so and so it related to the senator and somehow they have a "preference". Ok, this is mostly a rant. It is so unfair. I have yet to apply (at the end of Aug, for the Jan start).

I have done everything on the list, all the classes there and more, the Excellent GPA, immaculate letters and essay I have drilled it in my head that I am getting in and will start in Jan. Imagine if I don't...I will be crushed :o

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