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Urgh I am so mad!:( I live in California and its not bad enough that they have cut classes becasue there isn't money in the budget but now they are rasing tution by 30%!:eek:Anyone else in CA mad about this? Did you sign the petition to remove Davis

Originally posted by lunakat

they are rasing tution by 30%!:eek:

Dont live in cali.....but 30%?!?!? YIIIIKES!:eek:


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Funny, my friend is a teacher in LA and we were just talking about this. I think 2 1/2 years ago, when I lived in SD, CC tuition was 11 or 12 dollars a unit and UCSD was 1300 a quarter. It's too bad they are raising prices, everything in that state is expensive enough, that's why I left.


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Hi Luna,

I'm in PA and the past couple years they have raised state school tuition. I think this year it's 9% on top of 5-6% from last year and who remembers what they raised it the year before that.

I can't believe 30%. That's insane.

Is that for state schools or community? I have been really happy at my CC because they have only been raising tuition every couple years by only 1-2%.

When I was at Penn State it seemed they were raising tuition and adding all kinds of fees just about every semester.


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Maryland is also raising it's tuition. I find this to be a sad state of affairs because (at our school) they also have a freeze on hiring instructors. So ... kind of makes you wonder where all your money is going doesn't it?????


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North Carolina will soon be raising its tuition too. Sort of the "step child " philosophy towards the community college system. (These myopic legislators don't realize that as soon as people are trained and put in high paying jobs, then there will be more tax dollars for future budgets!) No, welfare spending, social programs, public schools, and the university system all have precedence over us! :(

PS see my post for further info...



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Prices are going up EVERYwhere. A couple of years ago tuition at the CC that I'm attending was right at $40/hr, now it's $75/hr.

iliel, $12 a unit? Does that translate into $12/ hr? That's cheap! Sure do wish it was that cheap here...

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Its only going to get more expensive

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I just graduated from a community college in Cali...and YES it was $12 per credit hour! A 30% increase at the cc level isn't too drastic!

I received a great education for next to nothing!!!!;)

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Yep, we have the same thing here in Oklahoma as well. I think it is like this in a lot of states with budget cuts, etc No doubt it will get worse before it gets better. The universities here have been *very* hard hit, thankfully the CC have not been hit as well. Public schools here have been hit HORRIBLY, it makes you not want to send your children to school almost.



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I've heard that the school I'm going to (extension of a Uni) so it's a CC, right? is hiking it's fees. total 30% from two years ago.


My 16 yr old is homeschooled (first year)(Bob Jones this year) and if the new Public school doesn't deliver - my 8 yr old will get homeschooled too. (More and More Uni's are accepting homeschoolers since they are providing higher test scores.)

I have volunteered at Public schools and it's so sad that the teachers have their hands tied. Some teachers are just hanging around for retirement and don't care about the kids at all. SEEN IT.



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almost all the states have historic budget problems

Grey Davis certainly didn't cause the whole mess!

Washington state tuition rose last year, will rise this year and again next

we have reduced Medicaid services

we are letting people out of prision

Oregon closed its schools about a month early

plenty of distress to share

and very real


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