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Hey! I am looking to apply when I graduate in summer next year. Do you mind if I ask what your GPA was? I wanted to know what they're looking for in an applicant? Did you have CNA experience? Or volunteering? Thanks!!


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Would you pm me as well? (:


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Congrats to every who interviewed and those who have gotten a position! I will be interviewing for the Feb 2016 Cohort, super excited and nervous!


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Hello, I am also interviewing for the february 16 cohort and got a couple interviews.. i am curious to know what their salary is? I have a potential offer in THR fort worth so I am worried as far as what would be the best facility/salary for me! Have you heard anything?


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I'm not sure but most hospitals in the DFW area start new nurses off at 24-26, I know Parkland is 24, UTSW is 26, I heard Baylor is pretty low 22, not sure about Methodist. I'm solely interested in peds or NICUs so Cooks would be my top pick :)


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Ok, thanks!

i was hoping it was more. One of my friends is a nurse in parkland And she told me that she knows nurses that work in children's and make between 32-36hr.. Not sure how true this is! I guess for me it matters since i will be moving back to Dallas and Im trying to figure out best location!


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It might be true depending on their experience or how long they have worked there. I work at UTSW and an ER nurse was hired on at 31 start pay but he had 3 years experience. It really just all depends :/ I know that doesn't help much


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Hi all,

I will be applying for the July 2016 cohort and would also like if someone could pm info about their credentials etc, who is currently a resident. I want to make my application stand out as much as possible since I do not live in Tx (I live in NC), and therefore I do not have any clinical experience at any of the surrounding hospitals!!! I am interested in the critical care route, specifically the NICU. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much and I hope your program is going well!!!


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Hi! I have a interview for the October cohort! Can you let me know how the interview process went and how difficult the case study questions were? Thank you!!


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Congratulations! Basically you will come to Cook (or do Skype if you cannot come) and there will be a schedule for the day including a tour and your scheduled interview time. Your file including your resume and essay will be given to three interviewers (one manager, one educator, and one current nurse resident) who will ask you questions and go through a case study. The case study is moderately difficult. Be sure to review pediatric illnesses and developmentally appropriate care. Be sure to also be clear about why you chose the track and why you chose Cook Children's!


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Hey guys! I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if you guys have any tips for the essay portion. I am currently applying and I am struggling with this essay. I really want to pursue the critical care track! Thanks in advance for your help!