Cook Children's Pediatric Nurse Residency program - July 2015 Cohort

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Hey y'all!

I am super excited the Cook Children's Pediatric Nurse Residency Program finally posted the opening date for applications to the July 2015 Cohort (January 2nd, 2015!). I am working on the residency requirements and plan to do some mock trials with my professors while I finish my last semester in the Rutgers ABSN program.

Anyone from the previous cohorts have suggestions for interview questions to practice or other suggestions for hopeful applicants? What did you think of the case studies?

Anyone else applying for the July 2015 Cohort??

does anyone have any advice for the interview? What type of questions were asked? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am applying! Any tips or suggestions would be very helpful! :-)

I'm working on my application too!

I have just completed my application. I hope someone on the website can enlighten us with advice.

I submitted my application today and look forward to the next step. Best of luck to all of you!!

Has anyone heard anything yet?

Nope. We have until Friday to hear back, but with the weather HR probably didn't come into the office

No I am still waiting to hear back too. If anyone does hear anything, please post it here :) I will do the same.

I haven't heard anything either and I will post when I hear something. Good luck!!

Do you guys know what they look at when selecting new grads?

Nope. :/ Only thing I know based off of reading other allnurses stuff is that the interview consists of a case study portion as well as the panel interview

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