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I have been browsing this forum for a while and I don't seem to find many people from CT. WHere are you guys. I would love to see how CT. How the hospitals are and how are the nurses there. ... Read More

  1. by   trepinCT
    Quote from nrswnabee
    hey, that's normal....being nervous, that is. use that energy to propel you to higher heights....i never knew of anyone in my class who's completely relaxed whether during clinicals or exams...

    as to your q, BASIC calculators are provided whenever there's a math exam. you need not bring any. most use calculators to double check their computations (i know, you're calculations can easily be messed up with your nerves!) before turning in their exam papers. the math questions reflect "real-life" dosages and you won't be presented with numbers in scientific notations, worry not!!!

    relax while you can. two weeks before classes, you might want to get a list of the readings so you're off to a good start. happy summer!!!!
    Thanks again! I am 39 years old and have 4 children and I feel like an 18 year old about to go out in the world for the first time!!! I appreciate your feedback..
  2. by   nrswnabee
    Quote from trepinCT
    Thanks again! I am 39 years old and have 4 children and I feel like an 18 year old about to go out in the world for the first time!!! I appreciate your feedback..
    39 is HOT!!! in my last clinical group, there were 5 of us over 30 and two "kids" (below 25)....YOU CAN DO IT!
  3. by   3rdgenRN2B
    OK I'm not technically a nursing student as of yet but I'm working on it. I'm chipping away at my pre reqs and hope to be applying i the fall of 2008 for a fall 2009 start.
  4. by   RN28MD
    welcome 3rdgen.... You will get there. good luck
  5. by   trepinCT
    welcome..good luck with your pre reqs..study study study!!
  6. by   nimopiba
    I'm HERE! Just found this site today. How exciting! I used to work in a very reputable Rehab Hospital in CT. I liked the job although it was exhausting but I hated the You're an LPN with yrs of experience and I'm an RN fresh out of school but I know more than you attitude. It drove me nuts. Granted not all nurses act so immature but the ones that do deserve a good smack. I now work in an outpatient drug treatment facility and there is none of that. There are mostly LPNs. Our supervisor is an RN but I LOVE HER TO DEATH. Its a great place to work and I'm glad I made the change.
  7. by   Chaoticdreams33
  8. by   RN28MD
    welome, you guys have to go to the chat room. I never see new folks. I right next to (new post). Hope to see you on some time.
    keep it coming
  9. by   Rosebudd
    Hi...here I am in Middlebury!
  10. by   RN28MD
    Welcome! Tell us a little about you?? I you don't mind.
  11. by   Adenium
    Well, here's one more...a long-time reader and new poster.

    I'm a biologist who left her oh-so-lovely lab job to take pre-reqs full time for UConn's MbEIN program, whose attendees seem to be almost entirely absent from this site...strange. I finished my courses, all good, but then lo and behold it turns out they filled their program before I could even be looked at! Anyways, I'm now waiting to hear on the one spot that opened due to a declined offer.

    Contemplating what to do with the potential year's wait. Sigh. CNA? Unit clerk? Good old normal job again? Contemplating navel? Oh how I hope I can just get in for January. Anxious to get going, pulling out my hair. Bemoaning CT's high cost-of-living!
  12. by   RN28MD
    Welcome Adenium, Did I understand correctly, are you trying to get into the RN program at UCONN?? Is it the BSN or the MS. Once again welcome!:spin::spin::spin:
  13. by   Adenium
    Well, I already have a BA in Biology and am hoping to be an ACNP someday. The MbEIN program is designed for 2nd degree folks so I could take the NCLEX after a year's classes and be working as an RN while taking master's classes. It's a really nice setup, I just wish it weren't the only one that's feasible time-wise and financially. It's a small program, and they don't look at you until all your pre-reqs are done....but have three admission cycles during the year so it can fill up before you even have a chance. Yup, that was my luck. If only I'd quit my job earlier and started taking classes one semester earlier!

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