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  1. I am new to the ICU. I thought we could start with experiences to help us use our critical thinking skills. Any one?
  2. struggling

    most GN start working before passing their boards. Its ok to feel nervous we all did at this time. Choose a field were you will feel comfortable in. Start looking now. If Resp/ICU is what you love go for it! why wait. If possible try to do some shad...
  3. Is insulin good after 28 days?

    If this person has been using the pen over the month period how does thier sugars look like? There could be the answer wether the affect of the insulin has decreased. Is usually changed every month but people do use it longer than a month and they...
  4. Hello. I have read many new grad experience to MICU. I was wondering what medical/surgical nurses with some experience and moving to a MICU experince was like. How was the transition? was it easier because of some nursing experience? have you learn...
  5. FNP vs ACNP

    I have to add that it all depends where you live and your area. I have seen ANP and FNP work in hospitals as hospitalist and that is in acute care setting. I also seen them in ER too because lot of ER is primary caring if you will.
  6. Need Advice on FNP school!

    just curious where do they have a dual program for FNP/ACNP???
  7. Was I taught the wrong thing in school?

    I have to agree with the post above. What if the pts is on IVF? Dextrose? In our hospital regardless of NPO status any sugar higher than 300 needs to be called to the PA/MD/NP even if it says to give for example 8units. Still call. Some pt can ...
  8. Great point! Thanks for replying.
  9. I have started working in a medical floor and having a hard time documenting. I try to write what happened on my entire shift but can't seem to word thing right. I even bought a book on charting from the incredibily easy collection ) but is not eno...
  10. PICCs

    Sorry I can't answer your question cause I also feel the same way. I am not in a hospital but I think if I was I would contact the IV team if that is what your hospitals uses and ask them directly. They would know. Let me know if you find out. Fo...
  11. Help, new rn can't get hired

    Good luck to you
  12. Colace & Senna w/colostomy?

    I haven't ever run into this problem but I would of called the practitioner to verify or even call pharm. There had to be a good reason for it or it could of easily been an order for another pts that you could catch so it can be dc
  13. Help, new rn can't get hired

    If you never practice as an RN you are still new. You are a new grad right? so why would you look to apply for experience positions? Apply to many New grad positions because they will give you the orientation you need. Make sure you write a cov...
  14. Learning Thread: Med/Surg

    That sounds like such a great tool! I can't wait to use it. Thanks for sharing
  15. in rn refresher course now

    Those of you who have done the refresher course. Can you please described what you learned in clinicals? Someoone mentioned foley, IV and meds but what else has anyone out there learn during this time?