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  1. I have been a member of all nurses for a very long time, and I’m just now taking pre-reqs for a local ADN program. I’m getting ready to apply this November, but I’m having some doubts that I’m hopeful someone out there can help me with either way. My hubby is a cop. A rookie at that and doesn’t get his pick of shifts. We have 2 kids, one 9 and one 13. I’ve worked retail for the past 24 years so my kids are no strangers to me working weekends. However I’m having anxiety about both my hubby and I working shifts and what that will mean for our kids. What if we are both working overnight? Will I be comfortable leaving the kids alone? What if we are both working a major holiday? Will the kids be effected? My youngest is T1D - what if there’s no adults here to help her if she’s high or low? I want to be a nurse, but not if it’s going to negatively effect my family in any way. Anyone out there have any advice? Guidance? Even if it’s a “yeah, not a great idea” I need to hear it so I can make a decision. At 42 I don’t want to make any career mistakes.
  2. 3rdgenRN2B

    TEAS @ NCC this fall?

    Is it just too early for test dates to be released? Or perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place.... can’t seem to find any test dates. Suppose it’s because everything is still uncertain, but I was certain there would at least be tentative test dates listed on the ATI site. Anyone have any idea what the story is? Just ordered some study guides... thanks!
  3. 3rdgenRN2B


    Hi!! I am so excited!! After watching threads like this for YEARS I can finally participate!! Finishing Chem right now. Taking A&P and I suppose the TEAS this fall. This will be a second career for me as well. Good luck!!
  4. 3rdgenRN2B

    Anyone else having doubts?

    Has this whole thing caused anyone else to second guess pursuing nursing? Maybe I'm just scared and watching the news too much. I'm in CT just over the boarder from NY so we are in a hotspot. I was taking chem before this all started which had to obviously switch to online only. That in itself has been a struggle. Now the school is unsure if it will be offering inperson classes come the fall, and maybe they will still have small group labs in person but that's it. I've heard a and p is a nightmare regularly and I can't imagine learning it online! This will be a career change for me and I don't know if it's worth the struggle now to possibly not even get in. What's gonna happen with the TEAS exam? Ugh. Am I over reacting? Anyone else having doubts and anxiety over pursuing this?? Thx.
  5. 3rdgenRN2B

    Desperately need advice and encouragement

    Thank you all for the words of encouragement. Feeling much better about this!
  6. I have been a member of allnurses for 10+ years. I've wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember. My mom was a nurse, grandma was a nurse (hence my name) and various cousins are nurses. It seems to run in the family. About 15 years ago I was a pre-nursing student. I was doing well. Then I got married and my hubby ended up on my health insurance because he was self employed and I had a full time retail job that provided insurance. I couldn't see a way to actually pursue a nursing career since, at least where I am, it would require at the very least dropping my work schedule to less than 30 hours a week which would mean losing our insurance. That was not an option since my hubby needed access to health insurance due to a pre existing condition and this was well before the insurance industry changed. Fast forward to now. I have two kids, still work for the same retailer, and hubby has a great job that provides us our insurance. I've been crying for years that I wanted to be a nurse, and now I actually have the option to pursue it. Problem is - I feel paralyzed with fear. What if after all this time I hate it? What if my age is an issue since by the time I'm done with just my ADN I'll be 45 and will still need to continue to get a BSN? What if I don't have a strong enough stomach - can I physically/mentally/emotionally handle a job in nursing? Hubby works shifts - is it a good or bad idea to also pursue a career that requires shift work? I am currently registered for chemistry this spring but gosh darn it the doubt that's creeping in... I don't want to take chances, but I also HATE the job I have now and have only stayed there for 23 years now out of necessity. There are other pathways that I can take that will help me transition out of my current job that I think I would enjoy and would make a decent living doing, but I also don't want to throw away the opportunity to pursue what I've said I've wanted to pursue for so long. I don't want to have regret. I just don't know what to do and need a little guidance. Help!! Thanks.
  7. Help me! I’m 41, have 2 young kids, and am looking at a career change. For as long as i can remember, I’ve wanted to be either a nurse or a teacher. However, for the past 14 years my kids and hubby have been on my insurance (hubby was self employed) and doing either was simply not an option due to having to either be out of work or severely cut down my hours too much to keep our health insurance (due to student teaching or clinical hours). So I’ve spent the past 23 years working for the same employer (a flower shop) and just going through the motions - i kind of gave up on pursuing either of my dream careers. Now, hubby has a new job with great benefits and I can pursue my own dream job. Sounds great right? You’d think I’d be jumping up and down and running towards one. Nope! I’m paralyzed with indecision. I started taking teaching courses online through Liberty U which is a bit of a struggle but works around the kids schedules. And i can be done relatively quick. But i come from a long line of nurses and it’s still on my mind. But I’m already 41 and between prereqs and clinicals I will be at least 45 by the time I’m done. And what if i don’t make it? Then what? Plus online classes are so isolating... but again, very convenient. Im turning to this wonderful helpful community for some clarity. I know - what a problem to have! But it’s driving me nuts not being able to pick a path when they both appeal to me... thank you all so much in advance.
  8. 3rdgenRN2B

    Teaching to Nursing

    No advice but refreshing to see another career changer here! 41 and starting prereqs in the spring after a long break. I was prenursing years ago and have to retake chem because it expired. I've had many many times that I thought I could go back to nursing and planned to but something always came up. Now I'm finally starting again this spring and when I saw your post i just had to pop in and say hi!
  9. 3rdgenRN2B

    Feeling discouraged

    Hey can't comment on the professor issues, but wanted to encourage a little. You say you'll be 40? I'm 41 and just getting started having to retake chem this spring because I took it last so long ago it expired!! God willing I'll be 45 when I finish and from what my advisors tell me, there have been others before me that were even older and excelled. So take your anxiety about your age out of the equation. You still have many working years ahead of you!! Good luck. PS - look at taking that math class online. There are places to get it done in as little as 8 weeks. Just check with your prospective nursing program to make sure where ever you take it will be transferable.
  10. 3rdgenRN2B

    Chem or A&P 1 this spring?

    Thank you! That’s what I’ll do. Since I’ve also been out of the classroom for so long it will probably be good for my first course to be something that is somewhat familiar. Appreciate your input!
  11. 3rdgenRN2B

    Chem or A&P 1 this spring?

    Nursing prereqs... not nursing pretend. 🤣
  12. 3rdgenRN2B

    Chem or A&P 1 this spring?

    Hello!! I’m returning to taking nursing pretend after a very long time. I have to retake chem since it expired. Should i get that out of the way this spring or take A&P 1 first and see how i do? Thanks for your advice!!
  13. 3rdgenRN2B

    Supplies for A & P 1?

    Ok maybe I’m overly excited to go shopping for school supplies for myself in addition to my kiddos. What will i need for a &p 1? Spiral v. 3 ring binder, highlighters, etc etc? Show me those supply lists!! 🤣😃
  14. 3rdgenRN2B

    Best notebook for A&P at NCC?

    Three ring binder or spiral?? Anything else I'll need? Very excited to go back to school shopping for myself. 🤣
  15. 3rdgenRN2B

    NCC - Pre-req question

    Thanks! I saw that Charter Oak now has an agreement with NCC for the BSN. And I got my bachelors from SNHU which I've seen a few people post about. Anywhere else you might recommend? Planning ahead to save up $$.
  16. 3rdgenRN2B

    NCC - Pre-req question

    Ok you've both given me food for thought. Thank you!

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