Congratulations to MEEEEEE!

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i finally, finally have my cgfns visa screen certificate. it only took me 7 years and about a grand to get it. plus, the fact that i've been actually working in the usa for all of those 7 years...but the government works in mysterious ways.

it's official, i don't suck!!!

and, oh yeah, i speak the english real good too. :chuckle


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Woo Hoo!


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:) are you french canadian you??????

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Congratulations to you


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congratulations ! :balloons: :balloons:


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guess that you are now legal to go home for a visit........ :)


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congratulations! :)

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No, not french Canadian, but english, however needed to prove I could speak the language anyway. They have since removed that requirement.

Thanks everyone, for your kindness.

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Wow, Canoehead.. that is just tooooooooooo cool !!! :balloons: :Melody: :balloons:

Congrats to you, and now go brush up on that English, hear? :rotfl:

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