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I had an interview yesterday. When I arrived, I was informed that I would be interviewing with someone other than with whom the interview was scheduled. The interviewed told me that she was new to interviewing. The interview went well, in my opinion. Toward the end, she asked what shift I would like to work and when I would be available next week to shadow a nurse. While I was asking my questions, she revealed that there were two spots open and I was the third to interview. Anyway, I sent her a snail mail thank you note and I sent the lady who was originally supposed to interview me an e-mail thank you. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a response to my email. However, I am confused by it. Here it is:

"Great, _____ and I will be in touch early next week to set up a shadow time if interested in the second interview with us. Call us early Monday or Tues AM. thank you"

A second interview was never mentioned in the initial interview. Does she mean a second interview would occur with the shadowing? I am slightly concerned because the actual interviewer isn't the one who hires and the lady who was scheduled to interview me does hire.

Any thoughts/comments/encouragement?

Are second interviews the norm?

Will I be interviewed by both of these people?

Sometimes a first interview is done to screen out those who are obviously not right for the job. The people who make it over the first hurdle are then passed along to the "real" interviewer. This saves valuable time for the higher level person. Second interviews are not at all unusual. I was interviewed by a panel of four people, and let me tell you, that puts you on the spot. (I got the job, BTW.)

Don't overthink this, or you'll drive yourself insane. Just do exactly what the email suggested and trust that the necessary people are communicating with each other.

Good move sending the thank you notes. A lot of people either don't know they should do that, or they just don't bother. A thank you note won't get an unsuitable candidate the job, but it could be the deciding factor if two people stack up equally.

The fact that they want you to come for a shadow/second interview is good.

Put it on the back burner for the weekend, and give them a call next week.

I wish you the best!


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It will probably play out like this...you go in for your shadow shift. Then the manager that is hiring will send her preferences to HR. You may have a second interview to weed out the three applicants to fill two spots.

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What GREAT news, Lauren! Yes, a second interview either before or after your shadowing experience is typical. Don't be surprised if there are more people that interview you. Sometimes the charge nurse, other staff members, assistant managers, etc. Don't worry-this is a good thing.

Just be confident, smile and be direct with your answers.

I am so happy for you!

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Second interviews are common these days.

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Was the email from the person responsible for hiring (person A), or the person you actually interviewed with (person B)? You mentioned that person B, who did your interview, was new to the process, so maybe she knew about the shadowing, but did not know to schedule a second interview. Or maybe person B had to give her opinion to person A who was going to schedule the second interview.

At any rate, it sounds like the interview went well. Since the email asked you to call on Monday or Tuesday, I would do just that. Ask to speak with person A and tell her you are calling in response to her email to set up shadowing and a second interview. Second interviews are very common and you might interview with one, both, or neither of the two women. You might interview with another nurse manager, charge nurse, etc.

Sounds like a great opportunity! Good luck!


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Ive had 2 interviews before even in non-nursing (retail) jobs. First with a HR or HR assistant second with person that will ultimately decide if you get hired. Since she told you there were multiple candidates I would not at all be surprised. Good luck!

Second interviews are common these days.

There was a facility i was told about that had a group interview of about 7 people and their was a total of 4 interviews before you got the job:eek:

and it was ON-CALL

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had four interviews before I got hired, two panel. never knew there would be another until they called to set up the next one. First with a recruiter, second with a panel, third with the hiring manager, follow up/fourth with her again.


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wow! Thanks, y'all! I guess I was just confused because Person B (the actual interviewer) never mentioned a second interview. But it makes sense to have a second interview. And after reading the email again, it makes more sense too...

I think you read my mind, rn/writer, when you said I'll drive myself insane. :uhoh3:

This is all new to me! Thanks for the input! :D


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This morning, I called them. One number I called was a wrong number. This was the number specifically given in the email to call. Then I called another number and left a voicemail. While I never got a call back, I got an email from HR this afternoon saying I was NOT selected for the position. I feel defeated. :crying2:

Lovelauren, I am so sorry you feel defeated. I am sending good juju to you... that the most wonderful job comes to you soon. Keep your chin up :)


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GUESS WHAT, Y'ALL!! :D I got a call today saying that HR messed up and I'll be going to shadow a nurse on Friday! :D :D :D


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Congrats and good luck. :up:

THANKS so much. :)