Confused... am I an RN or not??


Hey, I'm a new member to this site, though I've browsed around before as a non-member. I just had a quick question, I hope someone can help!

I just took my NCLEX for the second time on Tuesday and today I looked at my state board of nursing's website and it showed my name with "application in progress," so I was excited! But then I got quick results and they said I failed...! And my name isn't showing up on nursys..

So, does anyone have any idea what this could mean?? I'm so confused and I just want to know if I passed. :(


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There might be a clear answer to this on your state's BON webpage.


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You failed but don't despair try again!!!!!! :)

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I don't think the question is whether or not you're an RN, but whether or not you're a RN.

There might be a clear answer to this on your state's BON webpage.

I know you're trying to be cute, but the first part of your reply is incorrect.

The rule is, if a word begins with a vowel sound, you use "an". While RN is an abbreviation rather than a word, the letter "R" starts with a vowel sound, and is pronounced like the word "are", so saying "an RN" is correct.

If she had typed out Registered Nurse", then "a Registered Nurse" would be correct, because the R in registered has an "rrr" sound.

As to the second part of your reply, I would add "Why would your first thought be to throw a topic up in an anonymous public forum instead of thinking 'I should probably check with the BON, I'll bet they have someone who answers questions like this all the time.'."


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I called the bon and they couldn't tell me anything. I called pearson vue and they didn't give me a clear answer. My state bon's website didn't give a clear answer. I thought if I posted on this forum I would get some answers from someone who might have experienced this before.


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Really digging all these helpful replies, by the way. So great.

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If you paid for quick results and your quick results say you failed, then no. You are not an RN.

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Sorry but the quick results are 100%. Identify your weaknesses and work smarter, not harder.

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I don't understand why this would be confusing. If your quick results say fail, you failed the NCLEX. That would mean you are not an RN.


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It's confusing because my name is on the bon's website with "application in progress" when it wasn't there yesterday.

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It's confusing because my name is on the bon's website with "application in progress" when it wasn't there yesterday.

The best source for the answer to your question would be the BON themselves. Call them and ask what's up with that status...never mind, I just saw that you did.

Though quick results (NOT the PVT, but actual quick results) are almost always 100% accurate. If it says you failed, you likely failed...give yourself a day to mourn, then brush yourself off and try again. A lot of nurses need to take the NCLEX twice, and they still turn out to be great nurses in the end.

Best of luck!

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