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Hello all,

Did any of you have to take and pass a COMPASS test before enrolling in your CNA class? If so, what kind of math is involved? I'm not too great in math and i'm very nervous :sniff:.

Oh yes! I had to take the COMPASS Test in May because it had been more than 5 years since I'd graduated High School, and like you I was terrified I would not pass the math portion! I had to do Reading, Writing, and Pre-Algebra. I'm not sure if it differs place to place, but when I got to the testing site I was told that the 'Math' portion of the test included both Pre-Algebra and Algebra questions, but that only the Pre would count towards our placement domain score. I needed a score of I believe 32 to pass, and I ended up with a 90 :yeah:(I am downright HORRID at math) Just study at home before your test and I'm sure you'll do fine. This is the main site I used to practice...

CUNY COMPASS Math Review Site

I just kept doing the diagnostic tests and practices until I could get them all right (actually had to teach myself most of it, cause I sure didn't remember any of it! :p)

Lol right, the last Algebra class i took was about 10 years ago! Looks like I have some re-learning to do. Fun Fun!

I just took my Compass test. There are 4 sections. The first two are English. In the first you correct sentences in a passage that have puncuation and grammar errors. In the second you are being tested on reading comprehension. The second two sections are math. Section 1 is pre-algebra and section 2 is algebra 1. None of the sections are timed. You may use a basic calculator (not a graphing calc) and you will be provided pencil and scratch paper. The test is adaptive which means that as you answer questions correctly the material becomes harder. When the program decides that you have answered enough questions in each section it will move you to the next. I graduated high school in 1987 so I had no done any math for a while. I purchased Pre-Algebra for Dummies and Algebra I for Dummies. These books were very clear and helped me a lot. Unfortunately I ran out of time studying and really didn't get to do the entire algebra 1 book. I scored 92nd percentile on the pre-algebra and 56th percentile on the algebra 1. I was always an "English" person in high school and never did great on math. Oh, here's a link to a Compass test practice site. The practice questions were almost identical to what was on the test. If you can do well on all of these you will do just fine!


Good luck!

It was basic prealgrebra just study up on that go to library and get some dvd to help you and a book from there and you will be all right


We just had to pass the reading compression test to enroll.


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For community college system/ Vocational Technical classes, yes.

Private for profits or work center programs, no.

Big Academia wants your cash.

Good if you are eventually going RN, college algebra is a prereq. Bad if you just want a job quickly- that is just one more class in your way.


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Thanks for the tips everyone! I hope I do well on my Compass test, and good lluck to all of you!!