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ctmed has 4 years experience and specializes in PACU, LTC, Med-Surg, Telemetry, Psych.

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    Oh yeah... have you checked psych obs? basically, if someone comes into an ER claiming they want to kill themselves or an overdose, some one has to sit with them. The ER staff usually does not have the time. You get everything from the lady who drank antifreeze because her high school sweetheart husband ran off with the 20 yr old secretary to the alzhiemer grandfather who wants to rip out his foley and wander naked to a job he retired from a decade ago to a kid that slit his wrist. Ask at an ER or HR.
  2. ctmed


    9/hr in NYC? Crap. That is about the going rate here in Louisiana. But where you are, 5 dollar bills are like one dollar bills. Yikes. I heard Mickey Ds pays folks 15 in NYC. Now, I have heard some folks that got started in companion deals actually suck it up and work for a facility. They get to know family members and get on good terms. When they build up a network with the families that actually have the cash to pay a sitter/ companion, they quit and go that ways.
  3. ctmed


    Double posting, but I just read your other post. It seems you want the layout, friend. Private sitters/ companions (non agency) is usually a pretty select field and word of mouth. It is also like being in bussiness for yourself. I hear you about those sitting agencies not paying very well if those are the agencies you are talking about. You could try craigslist. However, I have gotten some pretty messed up things off of there. One person wanted me to go all the way across town for 2 hours then leave and come back at night for 2 hours. Of course, only wanting to pay me for 4 hours! Another advertised he wanted someone in good shape to lift. Turns out this parplegic guy turned 5 shades of pink when a big dude that rides a bike 20 miles a day showed up! He wanted some hawt female CNA to bathe his ..er... thing!
  4. ctmed


    Some of those agencies actually pay more than the facilities themselves. I would go with 2 agencies while you look. You will also, depending on the agency get to work in a variety of places from home settings, psych units, and hospital floors. Plus, agency does count as experience, if that is what is not getting you past the paper pushers in HR. Careful though, many agencies make you sign a non compete which means if they have no work for you and you really like one of the places they sent you, you can not work for them. Also, agency tends to go through cycles where there may be tons of work or no work. There are also quite a few last minute cancellations by facilities as they will ask around to see who wants to fill an open slot for extra hours if they can avoid paying agency. NEVER cancel with them or no-call no show and go to where they want, even last minute calls. If you do that, the dispatcher is more likely to have you on his or her short list to call first when something pops up.
  5. ctmed

    BSN to hopeful McDonald crew member

    Meh... with a BS degree, you could at least be a whopper flopper watcher (manager/shift leader) as opposed to a whopper flopper. Good luck.
  6. ctmed

    Scam Schools And Diploma Mills

    There would be some who would pay to get past the BS that is waitlists and entrance process that is most nursing schools. Thing is, yeah, no legit school would EVER take the credits and if you wanted to one day be a CRNA or NP you would have to start all over. But, for just RN, would it matter? RN and LPN are state board tests. As long as these rip-off colleges did allow you to sit for the NCLEX, it is it really a rip off? Some people would hock thier soul to get out of fast food or some miserable career. Nurses have it pretty good compared to a lot of careers. Now.. paying that much for any field that is not controlled by a liscensing board... that's a rip off. Personally, though.. I would have CNA and be in good with folks I worked at to get a job afterwards if I had to go that route. You will not be getting in on merit of the school, for sure. EDIT: 15k for PCT is a rip off. PCT, with the exception of a very few states that actually have a separate PCT state certification is a rip off. PCT = CNA most places in the country. But once again - must be controlled by a board not to be a rip off.
  7. ctmed


    Accreditation for CNA does not matter. Only the certificate and if passing the course for that institution will allow you to take the state test. I have heard of some nursing schools letting you out of one RN or LPN course if you take CNA with them, but this is the exception rather than the rule. I would go with the cheapest possible. Do not go PCT unless your state makes a distiction between PCT and CNA. That said, 385 USD sounds very reasonable for what CNA actually pays. These places charging 1k for CNA is ridiculous. Do not let other people try to insert what they want on you. If you want to be a RN, CNA will at best make you into durn good RN. At worst you may decide nursing is not for you. But, at least it only cost 385 instead of thousands and HARD RN school to find out.
  8. ctmed

    Can CNAs work outside the Nursing home?

    CNA also qualifies you to work as a MHT - Mental Health Tech on psych wards. Dialysis, therapy and those type jobs in my area are pretty much a "who you kow" thing. But once you work for one of those places you can always work at another. For therapy they like folks that are at least some of the way through PTA or OTA school and choose those first. I hear you about nursing homes. The last one I worked at left such a bad taste in my mouth I have been tearing down sheet rock and demolishing houses I needed a break so bad. Some of these nursing homes can be really poisonous places and bad for one's mental health as a CNA. Not talking about the residents. They loved me. It's all the nurses and other CNAs that seemed to be miserable and the ungodly workload.
  9. ctmed

    Advice on becoming a CNA/PCA?

    Actually, unlike nursing, OTA and PTA REQUIRE you to observe for many hours before they even let you enroll in the full program. I gaurantee if nursing school did that or at least required 6 months CNA, nursing would be a better place. I would do it at many facilities, not just one. Since I worked agency as a CNA, I got to observe COTAs in hospitals, nursing homes, and an LTAC. Much different beast depending on where you go.
  10. ctmed

    Advice on becoming a CNA/PCA?

    I would choose therapy over nursing. Therapy gets way more autonomy and better hours. If you want to work directly with folks, you may want to try for Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. Those, however, because of degree inflation are now Master's Degrees and are pretty competitive to get into. However, there are 2 year programs in both OT and PT that will get you in the field and pays comparable (if not a bit more) to RN-AAS. Check commuity colleges if you go this route (PTA/OTA). Then take the program then bridge over to MS PT or MS OT. OT/PT do work most of the areas you say you would love, including pediatrics and phych. Now... about CNA. I am a CNA currently. I have a love/hate relatioship with it. True, you help out tons of folks. But, in my experience, the "help folks out" is sometimes more along the lines of a room service for pee/poo removal, food, and fix the TV kind of way. A CNA does get good experience towards nursing. As a therapist OR nurse, it will help you through school for the mere fact pee and poo will not bug you and you will be already familiar with how people behave with mental problems and you will not freak out. Problem is, without experience you may end up working at, shall we say, not as good facilities. This is even if you say you are going to school. In fact, some managers do not like those going to school because if you are you may be tired or less likely to be as "dedicated". You may find yourself heavily overworked, put up with snide remarks, demeaning treatment, and be a dime a dozen. Now as a therapist, you can be firm with people. But as a CNA, one complaint will earn you a trip into a DoNs office or unemployment. Myself, I chose COTA. I still do CNA, but I can not wait. The difference between nursing and therapy is this: Nursing is DEPENDENCE and waitering, Therapy is INDEPENDENCE and teaching! Hope that helps and gives you other options.
  11. ctmed

    ACT-RN: The Nurse as Behavioral Change Coach

    In psychiatry, you have a "captive audience" so to speak, particularly on lock down psych units. However, for most in nursing, what you speak of may not be possible. There is a attitude towards nursing where "the customer is always right". Coaching tends to be limited to if paperwork recieved, mark yes. If patient does not follow, mark non-compliant.
  12. ctmed

    CNA job scam? Please help

    Most well heeled folks with that kind of money in the hypothetical situation listed in the scam have thier own personal private full time companion or two. If they go on vacation, they take the companion with them. Unless the person is a severe jerk, most keep the same companion for years. No one in thier right mind would pay some unknown person in a far flung state double the prevailing wage. If by the extremely remote chance they do have to get an out of state CNA for a trip, you bet they are going to deal with a local agency. Scam artist takes advantage of desperate folks who want a well paid "lay out" and do not understand the way the sitting game works.
  13. ctmed

    No Nursing Shortage At The Present Time

    Some of these job posts are just there because I think it is a policy they have to list it even though it is probably filled within an hour. Particularly what I call on forums "lay out" jobs. For example, with CNAs. I have seen many hospital job listings for things like ICU, PACU, clinics, etc. However, I have actually worked in a hospital and know better. Someone already working there is going to apply for that job. If they have been there a certain amount of time and have no write ups and have the blessing of the managers, they are going to get it. It is a 50 times better job than say, working geri psych or telemetry which at times is just a higher class nursing home with more gadgets and not having to dress folks as much. Not to say it is a bad job compared to others out there. I meet the experience requirements for those jobs and have applied for them. But follow up with HR always yeilds a "we gave that to an internal employee." Even within a day of it being posted. So why list it? I would say a good 20m to 40 percent of postings are these. I mean CNA for anesthesia tech. My goodness, how many CNAs would sell off a relative for that. Most of the time, that is already filled before it is posted. EDIT: One more point I wanted to make. It is not common in the medical field, but very well could get to that point. In IT, there are what they call "non-jobs". What these corporations do is they must list the job to satisfy certain requirements. However, they already know who they are going to hire. They want someone from India who has H1B with 2 Masters Degrees they can pay a quarter of the prevailing wages. If questioned, they will say there is a "shortage" because no American could meet the high requirements. Never mind the position is a help desk phone job and could be done adequately with some on the job training, a little experience, and an AAS degree! However, didn't we hear a bit earlier about foriegn RNs? I also read something lond time ago about illegal immigrant CNAs! Particularly in union states like NV!
  14. ctmed

    No Nursing Shortage At The Present Time

    That is a very insightful way of looking at it I never thought about. I actually ended up quitting my job over just that. Other things, too. The facility really was falling apart with no supplies and nasty people. I was getting really snide comments as in "Therapy is a small field. You are going to be blackballed so you better worry about YOUR JOB first!", or "Occupational Therapists hate CNAs, even if you think you are going to go work across the river!" or "You do not know any of those guys and they only know you as a CNA and OTs only hire thier own "kind", you are going to fail." Or, my favorite from my CNA supervisor, "So, you lied. You are only here till you hopefully get your lisc. and leave. Not sure why we hired you. We had 15 applications from those who were willing to concentrate as a CNA". DUH! Like I really want to be only wiping behind and being completely unfullfilled and having to implement stuff I have no say so in the REST of MY LIFE! Please, shoot me now if that is all that life has for me to be ordered around by those who do not give 2 flips except they do not want to see brown or yellow substances ever or want you to deal with the complaints. As a COTA, I will have no problems with pee or poo. Hell, I may be that 70 year old. But, I do not want to be the one standing there waiting for 8 hours just in case they poo and it is the only thing I am there for besides feeding, bathing, or clothing. How unchallenging. It's like sheesh. It is season here in New Orleans. I think it is going to be better for my mental health to work temp agencies and on call banquets during school. I was also starting to halfway believe some of the propoganda. Sad, too. I like scrubs and hate full tuxes. I like dealing with patients. But, this school is going to be no joke. Having to work and do this is going take every fibre of my being and I really do not want to have to be worried about another 5 other crab's pinchers putting me back in the barrel. I want to swim free in the ocean. Not end up in a nursing home owner's stomach so they can live an upper class lifestyle while I stress over rent or beg to keep my job. Sorry for the OT rant. That phenomenom is real. And you know what, I am sure right after I got out of that office they got on the phone to 10 other CNAs who would do backflips to take my spot. So, they did not care.
  15. ctmed

    Student Loan Fraud (Part II)

    When I went to school for IT for the AAS (hmmm... see where that got me...CNA...lol), there was another scam common on IT boards like DICE. Now, medical is a bit protected from it because you have a pretty well regulated liscensing system. But there are zero standards in that field. You would have folks come in offering expensive week long boot camps for extremely hard IT certifications like CCNA. They also claimed they where part of an agency who would hire if they passed. Here is the catch - The CCNA cert is insanely hard and requires many semesters study. Many with BS in Computer Science flunk this 2-3 times routinely. So, taking it in a week? Even if you do pass, they are off in another state and you are stuck with no cert and about 2-3k in debt. And, even if you DO pass, the cert is worthless without experience. A feather in the cap, because everyone knows how hard it is, but worthless. Of course, you used to could take out "continuing education" loans for that, and they would be happy to set you up.
  16. ctmed

    Employment Scams And Fake Job Postings

    I have uncovered yet another scam targeted at CNAs who are stuck in bad facilities in rough job markets. There are forums like indeed where folks post. There is also a HUGE thread of CNAs begging for the mythical "travel CNA" jobs. Instead of posting fake ads to indeed, they just pose as a recruiter in forums. Then.. they charge the "background check" fee. I am going, listen... THERE ARE NO TRAVEL FACILITY CNA JOBS! No one in thier right mind is going to pay a CNA's apartment, travel, higher than average salary on top of a headhunters fee! Not when the local workforce can be hired at minumum wage and there are local per diem agencies already in the area that would salivate over a contract like that in these times that agency is hurting bigtime. In fact, I only have found one or two "legit" CNA "travel" agencies. But, these are the guys that break union attempts. It is only for a short period, only pays CNAs around 16 an hour, and is totally unreliable. They also make you get repricocity. Repricocity for us is not as easy as for RN. Ours is a maze. And you betcha they are going to take folks that live close over anyone else. Plus... the karma! 16/hr for a CNA is great in the south, but it's peanuts where these areas are. Is that enough to screw over CNAs in another state trying to improve life's lot. I will pass.