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  1. tomc5555

    First shift as a brand new CNA

    Congratulations and good luck!
  2. tomc5555

    My client is now unconscious/how to be effective

    Been there a number if times. I take the lead from the RN. When I'm doing cares or talking to the person, I tell them everything is alright, their family is alright and safe and happy. I tell them all they need to do is relax and rest. Always tell them what you are about to do when starting cares. Be reassuring and calm and positive. If you do start to cry, please step away from the person. We don't want to cause concern for the person. I definitely touch the person, hold hand, lay my hand on their shoulder. I have always found touch is calming for the person. I must tell you I've had a few pass when I am touching them, hand on their arm. We all will pass and hopefully it will be a calm peaceful transition. Good luck and I'm happy this person has you there for her journey.
  3. tomc5555

    Emotional disorders

    Contact an attorney. This is a situation worth the time and energy to pursue legally.
  4. tomc5555

    i start class today!

    Congratulations and good luck. The best time saver for me was to take the tests at end of chapters, first, then study what I didn't know. The text books tend to be large and in my class we went through 2-3 chapters each class. I ultimately read all the info in the text book.
  5. tomc5555

    Home health aide

    It can be good experience for a new CNA/HHA. I always got cases that allowed me to use my skills, not jut companionship or cooking. A lot of my cases were hospice or transitioned to hospice so I did a lot of brief changing, bed baths, etc. Just keep boundaries intact. At this point I'm not working as my mother is Ill and I take care of her. I miss working outside of the home.
  6. tomc5555

    New aide in distress..seeking advice?

    WOW. Having a bad night, are we???
  7. tomc5555

    Bad Practice

    Someone on this board once wrote about a similar situation and was advised to say, 'oh, let me wash my hands first'. This also served as a reminder for the trainer to practice hand hygiene.
  8. tomc5555

    New job

    Keep notes on the residents, including who needs ambulation assist, stand by assist. Whether they have bladder or bowel incontinence. Memory loss, confusion. Dietary, fluid restrictions. Most facilities have a sheet or grid with this type of info. You want the resident to be as independent as possible, so it's good to know if they need help standing up, or want and can do it themselves. My experience with AL is they want to do as much as possible for themselves. With some residents, asking another aide to show you how they perform certain cares. Like 'show me how you get mrs. Smith into the shower'. Personally, I like to keep things the way resident likes it and not have them complain about the new guy. Somebody on this site said they always ask the aides ' what is the most important thing to know about this resident'. Good luck and congratulations on your new job!
  9. tomc5555

    Burnout: getting through the shift

    Can you talk about this with your supervisor? There may be advice they can offer, or changes. You seem like such an asset to LTC, I would hope you are valued enough to be counseled by an appreciative supervisor. Good luck and keep searching for the best options for you.
  10. tomc5555

    Help w/ Scrubs

    Have you checked Allheart?
  11. You've gotten some great comments. It reminds me of my last assignment husband and wife were staunch in support of their political party. I never took offense to their praise of the party and candidate and I never shared my own political beliefs.
  12. tomc5555

    CHHA looking to become a CNA

    What state do you live in?
  13. tomc5555

    how to get paid more as CNA when you HAVE the experience

    As a CNA your degrees aren't relevant, which I'm sure you know. A lot of home clients want companionship and intellectual stimulation and seek caregivers with some education. I would look into private duty home care. Good luck
  14. tomc5555

    I think I got fired before I even got to start my new job.

    So sorry that happened to you and the kids. Hang in there!
  15. tomc5555

    Home Health Aide Requires You to Know How to Drive

    Most of my clients preferred we use their car, they liked the familiarity and to run the car periodically. HH agencies advertise for CNA's because the training is beneficial. When a CNA is working in a home they are not working under the scope of CNA. The regulations require certain conditions be met to work as a CNA, these conditions do not extend to the home setting.

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