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  1. Nelle84

    New to home health...what's in your bag?

    The only thing i bring with me to work is my phone + charger and lunch. Everything else (gloves, wipes etc) is already provided for me thank goodness lol.
  2. Nelle84

    Anyone here work as a medication aide?

    Is it hard to get a job as one once you are certified?
  3. Nelle84

    How long have you been at your job?

    Been a CNA since march 2011, been at my current job since april 2011
  4. Nelle84

    "Hello. My name is. . ."

    i have a cousin who is 105. she says funny things like that too lol
  5. Nelle84

    C.N.A vs Medical Assistant

    I would tell your friend to find a CNA job b/c the duties are similar to nursing and also alot easier to find a CNA job i've heard. I completed a 14 month long Medical Assisting program and could not get a job because i didnt have the 1-2 years minimum experience everyone asks for. My program cost $23,000...so now I am in debt $23,000. So now im going to start my CNA class in August and try to start my medical career that way. I can't wait!!
  6. Nelle84

    How long did it take you to find a job?

    wow, i hope i'll be able to find a job as quick as you all have. lol
  7. Nelle84

    Work Attire...

    What do you wear to work? Your own scrubs that you bought, or does your facility provide you with a set or two? Oh and does your facility require you to wear a certain color set of scrubs?
  8. Nelle84

    CNA Red Cross training?

    @ greengoosepumpkin yeah you're probably right lol, and cute name btw sooo, how would i go about finding nursing homes that offer free training if you work for them x amount of time? Just call up random places and ask to speak to (who?) and just ask if they offer those types of services?
  9. Nelle84

    CNA Red Cross training?

    @ Girl Scout - Yeah those arent bad ideas at all, thanks. Lol, the reason i asked if the RC was free is because someone told me it was, i thought it sounded strange.
  10. Nelle84

    CNA Red Cross training?

    ok thanks for the info :)
  11. Nelle84

    CNA Red Cross training?

    Hi, i was wondering if CNA Training through the Red Cross was free or is there a fee you have to pay? I really want to become a CNA very soon, but am broke at the moment, so i cant pay for classes at a school . Also are the classes usually at one set time during the day?, or is there different schedules? ANY info would be helpful. Thanks! (I live in VA if that matters)
  12. Nelle84

    CNA in Richmond

    what school do you go to?
  13. Nelle84

    failed cna due to bp skill

    Im sorry to hear that. What did they say you did wrong?
  14. Nelle84

    What to put on resume?

    This is a good question.. What about if this will be your first real job because of personal matters? Then what would you put on your resume?
  15. Nelle84

    Wearing masks

    good point
  16. Nelle84

    CNA course

    thank you for the practice exam link