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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   Sand_Dollar
    I don't know much about Otero specifically, but I can answer the online class question for you. Otero is part of Colorado Community Colleges system. There are 14 of them in total. They came together to offer an online option for all their students. CCCOnline is accredited and highly recommended. The classes that they offer, such as Bio 201 (A&P 1) fall under what is known as 'Guaranteed Transfer Courses' here in CO. The higher education commission in CO established a transfer policy that allows you to take these classes at a community college and they are guaranteed to be accepted at an instate accredited post secondary institution. Under the CO region you will find a discussion on ccconline classes being accepted at Regis, CU and Metro. All of these Universities in Denver will accept the online classes from Colorado community colleges.

    CCCOnline is not really a school, but rather a group of schools. You could chose Otero as your home college, then sign up through CCConline. You would pay your tuition to Otero and you would get your transcripts from there as well. The classes do not show up as being done online either. Although Bio 201 is online it does have a lab portion. You buy the kit and do the work at home. I have taken all my classes online through CCConline (PCC is my home college) and have done well. Online does not mean easy. I took AP2 during the summer and my weekly 17 page lab write ups were taking me 20+ hours alone!

    Even though they are part of the system, they are still different schools, not just different campuses of the same school. I don't think you can be on the wait list for both (I think I heard that someplace). But check just to make sure. I was initially looking at putting my name into a couple of them, but when I found out it wasn't allowed (and the wait lists are 2-3 years in the Denver area!!), I decided to pursue my BSN instead. I hope that little bit of background gives you some insight. Good luck to you no matter what school you end up going to!!
  2. by   tooky
    The actually got their LPN years back!!!!! They all have fantastic jobs, they have had no problems at all! They loved their LPN program, but I am going for the RN program so I guess I 'll see how it turns out!
  3. by   SCookie
    As far as I know, I will start the upcoming program. I have yet to be registered, but I completed my drug test on the last hour of the last day. Originally, I was not accepted, but received an acceptance letter a couple weeks after the rejection letter. It may be as a result of the man who didn't accept the offer... thanks! I went into the office and spoke to one of the coordinators. I forget her name, but she was pretty helpful. Here's the scoop, the program pretty much follows the college calendar, in terms of scheduled breaks (ie spring break). The first few months are strictly lecture, with clinicals starting around April. There is a schedule distributed before the next rotation or block that is tentative and subject to change. While I was there, she found out that the current cohort (6) will be doing the graveyard at Children's Hospital. I think that's the exception rather than the rule because she was surprised. So, by no means am I saying it's indicative of our cohort schedule. We may not have to do an overnight shift. The clinicals may be on the weekends.
    Does anyone know if a Red Cross CPR certification will suffice? I think I may need the more official certification only offered by the AHA.
    Personally, I am pretty anxious. I have convinced myself that the accelerated program will be pretty grueling, with good reason. I am trying to get all my affairs in order before classes so that I can focus entirely on school, minus all the extraneous stuff.
  4. by   jbeddow

    Thanks for all of the great information!

    I believe that you need to have the BLS certification which is for health care providers. I am not sure if a basic CPR certification will be adequate, however, i think anything though the Red Cross is just fine so long as it is a certified program by the American Heart Association.

    Are you from Colorado? I'm moving from California next Sunday. I am pretty nervous, but excited at the same time.
  5. by   Nurse2bNichol
    You need the BLS for Health Care Providers, make sure it includes, adult, child, and infant as well as AED training. The American Heart Association's program is the best because most rotational sites require the AHA's cert, so it's easier just to go through them.
  6. by   cdg0999
    hi. i have a question for anyone who has applied to denver school of nursing in the past, or tried to call today (jan 4) to setup there application interview.

    as some of you may know who have applied or are applying to dsn, the process begins with calling on specific dates for the cohort that starts 6 month later. today was the day to call for the july cohort. i began calling at 9am and for over 2 hours i got nothing but a busy signal. after that i would get busy signals and the occasional voice mail (the problem is you can't leave a message; you must talk directly to an admin rep). about 1:30 i finally got through (thats 4 hours of speed dialing), only to be told the july cohort interview schedule was already full (for the accelerated bsn) and i would have to call back on march 1 to try to get an interview for the october 2010 cohort.

    i was wondering if anyone else had this experience.

  7. by   denverstudent
    I started calling at 7am and it took me about two hours to get through..Good Luck! It's stressful trying to get through but the persistance pays off
  8. by   tsalagicara
    All I want to say right now is be very wary of Concorde Career College. I had an absolutely terrible time in their LPN program. You can search my other posts on the subject, or feel free to PM me with any questions. Just be wary, and be careful.
  9. by   twhite
    thanks for answering my questions . i am planning on contacting otero about there rn program . i would like to take prereqs here(ppcc) then get on the waiting list there if possible..
  10. by   CBsMommy
    I am starting the PPCC program in a couple of weeks. It IS still accredited and we are going for national accredidation. There is no longer a waitlist at PPCC, they went competitive a year ago based on grades. I do think there are people that drive to Otero everyday but it's not something that I would want to do. If you are moving back and move around the Otero area or even Pueblo, it might be okay, but I wouldn't want to commute from the Springs everyday. Sanddollar is right on about the CCCOnline classes however PPCC has four campuses and offer all the pre-reqs on campus, if that's what you choose to do. Otherwise, I took several online classes, dissected a fetal pig on my kitchen table, and yes, they are pretty challenging. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  11. by   CBsMommy
    Also, twhite, I just looked up the the criteria and they do have the exact same pre-reqs for both programs. The only difference is that OJC has their NLNAC accreditation however PPCC is going for the accreditation and should have it by the time I graduate. Again, good luck.
  12. by   lifewithkids
    Quote from denverstudent
    I started calling at 7am and it took me about two hours to get through..Good Luck! It's stressful trying to get through but the persistance pays off
    7am? I thought the phones don't open until 9? I called from 9-10:30. When I got through at 10:30 I was told the BSN was full. I don't know how to have better luck next time. I was also told many people drop out as they can't come up with the 15k or so that financial aid doesn't cover. This was also news to me.
  13. by   Sand_Dollar
    CalebMommy - I loved doing the pig! Grossed out my hubby when I wanted to show him the lungs. We weren't allowed to have pork chops for dinner that night either!