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  1. Nevada_RN

    To ER or not to ER?

    I am thinking about taking the plunge into ER nursing. I have a chance to get in at the hospital group where I currently work. (The ER is non-trauma, by the way.) I've been a Med/Onc nurse (in Nevada) for 2 1/2 years. I switched to infusion (in California) about 3 months ago and am bored out of my mind. (I still work per diem in med/onc, so my bedside skills are current.) Here is my dilemma. I am extremely intimidated by ER. I know it's hectic and sometimes controlled chaos at best, I am concerned that I don't know enough. I'm scared of hurting, or worse, killing someone. I like the floor, but it's next to impossible to even get an interview. I like to idea of ER, but again, I am really nervous about going to ER. Any advice?
  2. Nevada_RN

    UNR nursing school?

    What do you want to know about the school? I know that it is a decent school. It is competitive. Last semester's (Spring 2010) minimum GPA was 3.68 and this semester's (Fall 2010) GPA was 3.59. I was told by my nursing adviser that 3.68 is the highest minimum GPA they have admitted. Academic advisers usually say that if you have a 3.6 or higher you are usually competitive enough to get in. I am applying for Spring 2011 admissions. I'll have a 3.69 and I am PRAYING that I get in. NCLEX pass rates are usually 90% or above and attrition rates are low (e.g. UNR graduates a high number of people - 48 admitted, 46-47 graduated). This is much better than TMCC which graduates about 40% (here are just a few numbers from the past two semesters: 40 admitted, 24 graduated; 50 admitted, 20 graduated). Hope this helps.
  3. Do a lot of people not pass because of it? I imagine it's not too terribly difficult.
  4. Nevada_RN

    Pre reqs for nursing school/Long wait list

    I agree. Patho is extremely helpful in nursing. Brush up on your patho and A&P. You'll need it.
  5. Nevada_RN

    Math Woes

    Math is pretty easy in nursing school. Basic algebra. Solve for X. No big deal.
  6. Can anyone tell me more about the calculation test at Maricopa Colleges? I hear you have to pass with a 100%. Do you get several chances to pass? One chance? Any info would be great. Thanks!
  7. Nevada_RN

    MCCCD glendale community college

    Can anyone tell me more about the drug calculation test? Do you have several chances to pass? Any info would be great. Thanks!
  8. Wow, that is gross. Poor woman! I thought some of the stage 4 pressure ulcers were bad. I've seen pressure ulcers so deep that bone is exposed. Not to mention the gangrene associated with it. That story takes the taco.
  9. Nevada_RN

    a TMCC hopeful!

    Please save yourself the trouble and try for UNR or Western Nevada College. Don't go to TMCC. I won't say anymore publicly.
  10. Nevada_RN

    Drexel - ACE graduation question

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone could give me an idea of how many people actually graduate from Drexel's accelerated BSN program? I need my nursing degree, but I don't want to flush 30K down the drain if only half of the people enrolled make it to graduation. If anyone is in the program or has graudated fro the program can give me an idea of how many people graduate, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
  11. Nevada_RN

    Drexel ACE versus Jefferson FACT

    I'm glad to hear Drexel has a good rep. Can anyone tell me what the approximate graduation rate is? Does almost everyone make it through? Thanks.
  12. Nevada_RN

    Looking for LPN school in Colorado

    I'd like to know what the program is like at Morgan CC. If anyone has attended, please let me know. I'm interested in what the graduation rate is, what the teachers are like, etc. Thank you.
  13. Nevada_RN

    Best CC in Maricopa county quesion???

    I was just wondering if anyone here knows the best schools in Maricopa County for nursing. I know the cirriculum is the same, but I just wanted to get a feel for the different schools, instructors (are they helpful, mean, etc), and/or graduation rates. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello there, I am applying to NVCC for Fall 2010. Are there any NVCC nursing students or grads out there that can tell me what the graduation rate at the NVCC or other CT community colleges are? The local school in my home state of Nevada graduates less than 50% of its class - which kinda scares me away from the program. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  15. Nevada_RN

    Looking for LPN school in Colorado

    Anyone here currently in or graduate from Otero Junior College? If so, what is the program like? I understand no nursing program is easy... I just want to get a feel for the program, instructors (are they helpful?), graduation rate, etc? There is a program in Nevada that fails about 50% of its students (I am not exaggerating). Thanks for the help/ info! I am also looking into Colorado Northwestern and maybe Front Range's advanced placement bachelor's program.
  16. Does anyone know what the graduation rate is for Creighton accelerated? I am thinking about applying, but I don't want to if they have a high failure rate. One of the schools in my home state of Nevada has over a 50% failure rate. (The class that's graduating in May 2010 started with 49 and have only 22 of the original class left). If anyone has answers, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!